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Title: Friday the 13th
Author:LJN Toys, and Paramount Pictures Corporation
Rom Player: Nesticle
Reviewer: ~*Agent MoonyBrigade*~

Synopsis: An ode to the campy, never ending and ever annoying (yet strangely addicting...) series of movies based on that infamous hockey mask wearing serial killer. The game play is pretty basic, you play a group of counselors at Camp Crystal Lake, where you must protect the children. You can switch screens between a map (which flashes at key points when Jason attacks a cabin), your items (healing vitamins, keys, lighters, etc), and the main game play screen. You can switch characters while in a cabin, and when you die you are automatically asked to choose a new counselor. You confront Jason not only in the cabins, but also on the pathways of the camp at various times. You are also faced with zombies, mummies, etc. that you must kill in order to get better weapons. When Jason attacks a cabin, a timer on the screen goes off, and so does a counter with the number of kids in the camp. If you don't get to a cabin before the timer stops, the number of kids goes down. When you defeat Jason FINALLY (damn...he keeps coming back, just like all those obnoxious sequels!) a screen says something like "You've killed Jason.....OR HAVE YOU?" and the game starts over again.

Best Cheats: Game Genie codes are as follows:
SZSLUEVK + IYKLSEAY - Infinite children
IEVANTPA + YUNESVYA - Start with 55 children
OTEIVISV - Infinite energy for active counselor
ZZOUAGTE - Vitamins heal active counselor better
AZEVXLGE - Vitamins heal others better
INNLIZGY - Autofire
SZVLGXOU + YPVLIXAV - Turbo running
GAEUZIAE - Everyone can jump high

Game Play: 5
Graphics: 5
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 3
Overall Rating: 5

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