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Title: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
Rom Player: Genecyst/KGEN
Reviewer: Zenith

Synopsis: What a classic game. You play as the one and only twinkle toed megastar Michael Jackson. Well that is how it would have been viewed back in the late 80's before all the fuss over his children that he called "friends".... The plot? MJJ runs around an endless collection of levels rescuing little girls from the evil drug dealers whilst spinning off his latest move (moonwalk etc..). At the end of each level Bubbles the monkey comes and sits on MJ's head and tells him where to fling his magical feet and kick the ass off lots of evil drug dealers. Having sounded a little sarcastic it is a good game and will make you remember the first time a video game felt like fun. It was the first and last moment in my life that I could actually moonwalk with relative ease!

Best Cheats: Didn't need them. Oww!

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 4
Overall Rating: 9

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