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Title: Samurai Showdown 1,2, and 4
Author:Neo Geo
Rom Player: Neo RageX
Reviewer: Omnido

Synopsis: Welcome to 17th century Japan. It the golden age of Sengokujidai; "The Age of the Country At War." In this game you can take the roles of many a great warrior, both Native to Japan, and foreign, based upon both fictional and factual characters, and battle one on one with some classic fighting game action! Select from 8+ Characters from the original Samurai Showdown to the Final installment of the series: Samurai Showdown 4. The game boasts an aesthetically appealing atmosphere, as you battle one on one with Swords, staves, sabers and even Giant Stones (Samurai Showdown 2) in an epic storyline, which involves the various characters and their independent objectives. Play as Hanzo, The legendary Ninja; based upon the Historical Hattori Hanzo, also known as (Hanzo of the spear, and engage in some acrobatic leaping, slashing, ninja-star chucking action, with the occasional disappear with a giant puff of smoke! Or play as Yagyu Jubei, also another historical fighter, and duel it out with two swords at the same time, slahing your opponent in half if you're the victor. The game boasts interactive backgrounds depending on the various attacks of both players, a very well composed soundtrack, and classic blood and gore, a most typical and definite requirement for a game based in the feudal days of Japan. 1 or 2 player action, bonus rounds, secret characters to fight (if you're good enough) and a unique set of moves for each character, truly allows for some awesome fighting action in the hands of skilled players.

Original Arcade ROM(s), available by request.

Best Cheats: None that I know of, although I wouldnt doubt if there are some.

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 9


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