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Title: Mega Man X
Rom Player: ZsnesW
Reviewer: ZeldaDD

Synopsis: In this game, the first of the series on the SNES, you play as a future version of Mega Man, called Mega Man X. It all starts out when a man called Dr. Cain finds X in some sort of stasis pod abandoned in an old building. His creator Dr. Light has long since passed away, and left him in that pod in order to test his systems. For you see, X is the first of a new model of robot, those with the ability to think for themselves. Dr. Light wanted to be certain that X would never break the first rule of robotics: "A robot must never harm humans". Dr. Cain decided copy X's design, and made more robots like him, in the form of the Reploids. Eventually, those Reploids get assimilated in human's everyday life. Soon, one of the Reploids named Sigma realizes that with their power, they could rise up and take over the world. He was the first. After that, he courupted others, until he had a whole army. Soon, he and his 8 generals took over much of the world. A small band of good reploids must make a stand against them. Enter X, and his friend Zero. They are all that are in the way of Sigma, and total world domination! If you've played Mega Man, you should know what to expect from this game. There are, however, some things that make it stand apart from your usual Mega Man game. X can find special items hidden away that will increase his strength, allowing him to easier fight the Reploid menace. He can also collect 'Heart Containers' like in Zelda that increase his overall energy. Overall, I have to say that this shooting game is a lot of fun, and a nice spin on the Mega Man series of games.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 8


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