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Title: Adventures of Lolo
Author:Hal America Inc.
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: Tawna Evans

Synopsis: Once upon a time, two furry puffballs lived happily together. One of them was blue. His name was Lolo. The other was pink. Her name was Lala. One day, an evil demon kidnapped Lala, and hid her inside his castle. To restore peace and order to the land, Lolo bravely sets off to storm the demon's castle, defeat him, and rescue Lala.

Within the castle, Lolo encounters swarms of monsters that can trap or kill Lolo with a single touch. Armed only with coins that turn monsters into eggs, Lolo must use his wits and cunning while exploring the castle in search of the demon. Each room presents a unique puzzle for Lolo to solve. Fortunately, most of the monsters in the castle are a bunch of idiots that move around in a highly predictable fashion. The challenge emerges in arranging the chests and moving harmless, stationary snakes to certain locations in order to open the chest that contain the switch that opens the door to the next room. The puzzles start off real easy, but they become progressively more challenging with each higher floor Lolo climbs. This game becomes highly addicting, because figuring out each puzzle requires the player to think creatively. Even after mastering the game, the puzzles in the later stages still require a bit of thinking in order to remember how to solve them.

The Adventures of Lolo is a fairly old game, and it was one of the first puzzle games. It spawned a couple of sequels on the NES. The graphics are pretty simple, but attractive. The music, on the other hand, can use a bit of work. Within each room, you hear the same song, over and over again. The song is okay, but it would be nice to witness some more creativity from the musical aspect of the game. In spite of this, I found myself surprisingly addicted to the game while playing it. It's a nice game to be familiar with.

Best Cheats: Change the skill level - To play at the expert skill setting, enter one of the following passwords at the password screen:


Game Play: 8
Graphics: 5
Music/Sound: 2
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 7

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