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Title: Final Fantasy (2nd Review)
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: Goobs

Synopsis: Back in the late 80's, a fine company by the name of Squaresoft had tried it's hand at the gaming world with a few unpublished games. The games flopped, and Squaresoft seemed doomed. Then they tried something different; an RPG. An RPG with classes, dragons, big swords of death and other staples of the FF series of today. This game was their last hope. Should this fail, they'd be gone. Appropriately, they titled it "Final Fantasy".

And this game rocks. It was the first to have a story that didn't require you to save a princess from a dragon; this game featured the same princess-saving action, but with the man capable of spouting the best one liner in history ever. His name, is Garland, and he'll knock you all down. The story of the game starts with that outing, then ends up in a quest to re-light 4 orbs. Nothing too extravagant; but this serves a purpose that is later mentioned in this review. Overall, the story isn't bad for it's time. However, the story, graphics, even Garland all play second fiddle to FF's best feature.

The replayability. You have the option of picking certain classes in FF. If you want, for a challenge, you could, say, go through with nothing more than 4 White Mages, and while seemingly impossible, one Red Mage. The game isn't hindered by a 60 hour+ plotline, either. It has a nice, simple, downright avoidable story. It's a short game that can even be beaten in a day's time, without losing an iota of fun. All in all, get the game. Whether it's emulated or not, the fun remains intact.

Best Cheats: If you want to gain levels and gold quickly, the EYE in the Ice Cave can be re-fought. Just equip everyone with ProRings beforehand so that his XXXXs and RUBs will be ineffective.

Also, HEL2 has the effects of HEL3. Spiffy, no?

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10

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