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Title: Rampage (2nd Review)
Author:Data East
Rom Player: Nesticle
Reviewer: Bad Mr. Frosty

Synopsis: In 1987 Data East created Rampage the arcade game. I still remember kids playing this game all the time at the local arcade hall where I use to live. Always trying to get the best score. I think my highest score back then was in the low thousands.

I used to think, "Man, I wish they made this game on a home system so I can have more time to get the most points." Well in 1988, that dream came true. Data East released a NES version that not only was more harder, but you had infinite continues. I didn't have enough money to buy it at K-Mart or some store like that, but one of my friends had it and said he hated it. So I did a trade with him and gave him Punch Out. I was so happy.

Now I'm kicking myself in the pants.

Here it is now 2002. I no longer have the original Nintendo system, but I do have an emulator.
I was looking through the 'R' files of an rom site and came across the piece of crap. I was so excited to play this game after I downloaded it.
And now with the save state feature of Nesticle, I could save after every level so I wouldn't always have to start from the beginning. It was March 1st when I downloaded it, and In one day I got to level 19. I soon got tired and decided to stop playing.

March 2nd: I play and get to level 47. Wow, this game is long.

March 3rd: I get to level 126. I was up to 2:30 playing this heap of elephant dung. "My fingers are KILLING me! After 125 levels of the same thing I'm finally at Hawaii. Maybe now I'll see something new for a change," I yelled at the top of my lungs.


Once again all I see is the same soldiers that shoot at me, the same planes that drop bombs on me, and the same stinkin' buildings that I've seen every single dog gone level! And another thing, I've never actually been to Hawaii before, but as far as I know they are supposed to have palm trees there. NOT PINE TREES. Couldn't the mindless creators of this game at least put some palm trees in the background? That really ticked me off.

Game Play:7
Both George the ape and Lizzy the giant lizard control fine with no flaws. The Buttons are always responsive.

I don't remember the arcade version's graphics, but the NES version is HORRIBLE.

With a game that has 128 levels you would think that there would be a decent soundtrack, right?
Nope. There seem to be only 10 or so sound effects in this game. One for a building being destroyed, one for taking damage from a attack from the people, one for a player hitting another player, one for dying, etc. All of them sound like they came from a really old pinball game.

I did like the idea of being a large monster and eating people when I was a kid. Not any more.

Stay away from this game. Don't download it and for Pete's Sake's don't buy it. It's not worth half a penny. It's so crappy that there is no ending! All it says is "Congradulations", and then goes on to the credit roll.

Bottom line: If you're under 7 years of age, this game is for you.

Best Cheats: I don't know of any. Don't care to know any either.

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 4
Music/Sound: 2
Originality: 5
Overall Rating: 3

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