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Title: Gyromite
Rom Player: Nester
Reviewer: BrianL

Synopsis: This game is old as all hell. One of the original pack-ins with the Nintendo, it was what the unlucky kids got who didn't get the double-cartridge with Mario and Duck Hunt.

Gyromite is an example of complete and utter insanity! The original NES seems to have had lots of these crazy games, and there are worse examples (read the Karnov review), but this game had some great moments.

The single player game is a puzzler that can get really frustrating. You don't control your character; he is sleepwalking through the level. The level has a navigable platform, some obstacles, and then columns colored red or blue. You control these columns and use them to get your guy through tricky areas. It is an art to master.
The real greatness of this game, however, is the two player mode. Oh god, my brother and I would kill each other for hours in this! One person controls the player and the other controls the columns. Instead of working together though, the game turns into an intense session of building trust and back-stabbing!
Of course, you can never truly build trust. An expert player will constantly be moving columns and smashing your player just partially before letting up. This becomes a game in itself, smashing the walker as far as you can without killing him.

Anyway, for the two player game, there are huge numbers of levels and you can just choose which you want to play, I doubt anybody really played through the whole game (what two people combined would have the patience and obsessiveness to handle all of these moments of opportunity without backstabbing?).

Also, the game worked with ROB the Robot's spinning disk machine, but I was a little kid and I didn't have batteries, so I've never seen that robot do a thing!

Best Cheats: Yeah right, you don't need cheats for this.

Game Play: 6
Graphics: 3
Music/Sound: 4
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 4

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