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Title: Ghouls N' Ghosts
Rom Player: Genecyst
Reviewer: Eli Green

Synopsis: Oh, come on! No one's reviewed this one yet? Who the fuck is running this site!? You play Sir Arthur on a quest to save your woman from the evil Prince Loki. While the plot is nothing to special, its the gameplay that makes this game so appealing.
You start out in silver armor & throwing spears as a weapon. If you take damage from the army of evil monsters that hinder your path then your stripped down to your heart-covered skivvies, which is not a particularly flattering position to be in seeing as how you die after one more hit. If you find a gilded chest along the way it may contain an armor upgrade or it may simply conceal a wizard waiting to pop out & either turn you into an old man (making you walk slower & jump lower), a duck (you run & jump the same but can't attack), or a baby (you can't jump or attack & you die after one hit).
Sometimes you'll come across an enemy wearing a basket on his back. Kill him & the basket will spill forth its bounty, ranging from a really strong sword to some bombs to an extra life to a simple 200 point bonus.
One thing that I should mention is that this game is incredibly tough. Be prepared to spend hours trying to get past that one fucking enemy perched on top of an unreachable fucking peak that spews severed fucking heads all over the fucking place! Not that it really hampers the gameplay or anything, just be prepared for a long hard slog if your thinking about picking this game up.

Best Cheats: Invincibility:

Press A(4), Up, Down, Left, Right when the word "Start" appears on the title screen. A
chime will confirm correct code entry. Hold B and press Start. A second chime will be heard. Hold C and press Start. Begin game play with invincibility enabled.
Note: You will still be harmed by falling, being grabbed by a green hand on level 4, and being stepped on by Loki. (The alternate version of this code is to press Up, B, Down,B, Left, B, Right, B at the title screen until the chime confirms correct code entry. Then, hold B and press Start to begin game play.)

Level select:

Press [Up, Down, Left, Right] repeatedly at the title screen. The sound of a harp will confirm correct code entry. Enter one of the following controller actions to select the corresponding level. Press A instead of Start to begin at the second half of the corresponding level.
Note:To enable these codes along with any other cheat code, allow the demonstration mode to cycle once before entering the other codes.

Level Code
The Execution Place Press Start.
The Floating Island Press A, Start.
The Village of Decay Press Up, Start.
Town of Fire Press Up + A, Start.
Baron Rankle's Tower Press Down, Start.
Horrible Faced Mountain Press Down + A, Start.
The Crystal Forest Press Left, Start.
The Ice Slopes Press Left + A, Start.
Beginning of Castle Press Right, Start.
Middle of Castle Press Right + A, Start.
Loki Press Down/Right, Start.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 9

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