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Title: Mortal Kombat 2
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: Bad Mr. Frosty

Synopsis: Oh man is this game AWESOME! I never really liked MK1, but this time Midway did an amazing job. Not just on the gameplay, but on the mind-boggling graphics and totally responsive controls. Moves are so simple to do, and they always work!

The only problem you should have is the fatalities. Because they are so bloody, the developers had to make them extremely hard to pull off. Fatalities range from Kung Lao pulling off his hat and slicing you in half right down the middle of your body, or Sub-Zero first freezing you, then uppercutting your torso to tiny ice-cubes.

The only thing that bothers me is the music. It sounds like an old Tarzan movie or something. I always turn it off in the options menu.

This really is a great game. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Best Cheats: 29 Kredits
At the Character Select screen, press the following:
Left, Up, Right, Down, Left + Select

Destroy the Logo
Hold L + R as you turn the game on, and watch Shao-Kahn and Kintaro wreck the Acclaim logo

Disable Throws
Immediately after choosing your characters in 2-plyaer mode, hold DOWN and HIGH PUNCH on both controllers until the match begins.

Extra Fatality Time
Quicky press Up,Up,Left,Up,Down+SELECT at the character select screen. You will now have 15 seconds to do fatalities instead of 5.

Fight Jade
At the Character Select screen, press the following:
Up, Down, Down, Left, Right + Select

Fight Kintaro
At the Character Select screen, press the following:
Up, Down, Down, Right, Right + Select

Noob Saibot
At the Character Select screen, press the following:
Left, Up, Down, Down, Right, Select.

Fight Shao-Kahn
At the Character Select screen, press the following:
Right, Up, Up, Right, Left + Select

Fight Smoke
At the Character Select screen,press the following:
Up, Left, Up, Up, Right + Select

Near Invincibility and 1 Hit Opponent "Danger"Mode
At the character select screen, quickly enter Down,Up,Right,Up,Left+SELECT

Super Damage
At the Character Select screen:
Down, Up, Right, Up, Left + Select
You should hear a swishing sound if activated.

Team Battle Mode
At the start screen, press L, R, and Start at the same time. You will access the hidden 4 vs. 4 team battle mode. This mode must be played with two players; the computer will not control any of the characters.

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 9


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