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Title: Beethoven's 2nd
Author:High Tech Expressions
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: Bad Mr. Frosty

Synopsis: Egad! No this can't be what I'm seeing. I must be going loony.

Good Heavens!! It's true! High Tech Expressions has done it! Please excuse me while I vomit. “Hooolaaaaghhhpttt!!!”

*Whoo* I feel a little better now. I'll go on with the review.

First of all, how many times have we seen the plot of having to save somebody in a video game? A zillion billion? I don't know the real number but it seems as though it has been done again. However, this time you are not saving a princess. They could not be that kind. Instead, you have to save Beethoven’s 4 stinkin’ puppies. Why couldn't they have made it so the object of the game was to go on a killing rampage? You are a St. Bernard after all. Have you ever seen one of those things before in real life? They are HUGE.

Game Play:1
I can't believe High Tech Expressions expects you to beat a game where the character you're being controls like a slug crawling over salt. Beethoven's jump is worse than Mega Man's. He can barely make it over a 2 foot fence! And for an attack? All this stupid dog can do is bark! If you press Y once really fast, his bark only shoots about 1 foot away from him. Hold Y for a few seconds, and it will go all the way across the screen. Whoopee. X makes him bite low to the ground. But that is not an attack, you use that move to pick up items. Items include chicken legs, steaks, and of course, bones. I wish I could make Beethoven choke on one of those bones.

It's pretty bad when the best thing Nintendo Power has to say about this game is "Some of the digitized graphics look okay when they're not in motion."

Enemy Creativity:2-
Note: From this point on, I'm going to add this form of rating to all my reviews on platform games.

Why? Why?! Couldn't they have at least worked on the enemies a LITTLE?! You're enemies include cats, poodles, lanterns, kids on skateboards, and falling apples(yes, falling apples). Beethoven is a St. Bernard for Pete's sakes! Those things could take a bullet or 2 in the hide and still make it! And you mean to tell me that FALLING APPLES hurt him? I'm stunned.

Even the music & sound is bad! The music sounds scary & depressing to me. And I don't even want to talk about the sound effects.

This is one of those platform games that should've never been made. I wonder whose idea it was anyway to make a Beethoven 2 movie? I mean the first one was okay. But the second movie stunk like a St Bernard's droppings on a summer day.

Overall Rating:2
I'm warning you. DO NOT download this piece of dog crap. You will be sorry.

Best Cheats: Pro Action Replay Codes:

Note: Since the Pro Action Replay cartridge has the capability to write to memory addresses outside of the Game Genie's range, the following codes may only be enabled with that device. It is not possible to convert them for use on the Game Genie.

Unlimited energy:

Unlimited time:

Unlimited lives:

Game Play: 1
Graphics: 2
Music/Sound: 1
Originality: 2
Overall Rating: 2

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