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Title: NBA Jam
Rom Player: Genecyst
Reviewer: Seerious Joker

Synopsis: As a nice simple getaway from your modern basketball video games that require substitutions, play calling and basic strategical thinking, I offer you NBA Jam. Instead of 10 players on the floor crowding up the court, its 2 on 2. The game was made sometime in the mid 90's (i.e. Vlade Divac and James Worthy for the Lakers or Kevin Johnson and Charles Barkley for the Suns). But if you're an enthusiast video games, does it really matter ? Game Options include speeding up or slowing down the time clock, making the quality of your computer opponents play better or worse, or changing the button controls on your paddle, joystick, whatever the heck you wanna call it. I suppose the main feature of NBA Jam though is the HIGH-flying super jams you can perform, depending on your player (i.e. If your player is Jeff Hornacek from the 76ers, you arent gonna do much more than simple lay-ups). Why ? Because he's a goofy looking white guy. Other non-dunkers would include John Stockton or Scott Skiles. Yeah, Scott Skiles, the same guy who currently COACHES the Phoenix Suns. That just shows you how old the game is. Anyways, back to the sky-flying slam dunks. With the jams you can perform on NBA Jam, you'd think these players were on the best freakiní steroids ever smuggled in from Mexico with their 30 to 40 FOOT vertical jumps. Another tasty feature of NBA Jam is the turbo mode where even a guy like Brad Lohaus of the Milwaukee Bucks can achieve speed & quickness of Looney Tunes' Roadrunner or something like that. The turbo mode is only temporary though, so you must use it sparingly. You can play single games or go through a season-like mode in which you start against the worst teams such as the Dallas Mavericks & Minnesota Timberwolves and work your way through the league until you play the best team in NBA Jam, the Chicago Bulls (remember this game is from the mid 90's, if it were current, you'd start your season mode against the Bulls and end with the Lakers, Kings or whoever). The challenge is that you must defeat each team before you move on to the next opponent, but after a while, you move through the league with relative ease. One more cool feature of NBA Jam is that during a game, if you make 3 consecutive baskets without allowing your opponent to score, your player suddenly becomes ON FIRE. When this happens, you can launch a shot from just about anywhere on the court and it will swish through the hoop. It's pretty damn cool & if you can do it for a while, you'll be up 55-17 at halftime or something like that. Bottom line, NBA Jam throws out all the conventional rules and the law of gravity to enable you to thoroughly enjoy your game-play experience. And as with any other activity, its even MORE fun when you're on mind-altering substances whatever they may be. So get fucked up and fire up NBA Jam. Get some of your goofball friends together so you can all have some fun if you'd like. Or if you're a loser with no friends, do it alone. Either way, I promise you a pleasurable experience.

Best Cheats: There are some different cheats and codes you can activate such as infinite turbo, extra stats, or hidden players like Bill Clinton & Al Gore or George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic fame. There are many more, but they arent worthy of being mentioned. I dont know the exact codes off the top of my head, but you can get them from various web sites like I did.

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 8


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