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Title: Incredible Crash Dummies
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: Bad Mr. Frosty

Synopsis: "Arrrghh!!", I exclaimed after dying in Crash Dummies on the SNES for the 10,067,334 time. I had been playing it since 9:30 AM and it was now 1:35 PM. I had had enough of that game.

It was time to play either Playstation or NES. I chose PSX but I had forgotten that I had killed it while trying to defeat Magneto in X-Men: Children of the Atom. In fact I killed it on Monday, & it is Friday right now and it is STILL smoking. That and it was still too hot to touch so I chose NES instead.

While going through my library of NES games, I came across The Incredible Crash Dummies for this system. I was instantly enraged at the sight of the name. But something said give it a try, you might be pleased with what you see. I know when I heard that same voice say go on, give God a try, I was and still am very happy I listened. (those of you who are reading this should give him a go too) So I went and tried the game.

And once again, I'm VERY happy I did.

I already knew how impossibly difficult the SNES version was, so I was expecting this one to be even worse. But it's not! Really!

The story does leave something to be desired, but at least it has one. You play as Slick the white colored dummy, and his homie Spin the purple dummy. And they are on a rescue mission. A mission to save 2 of your best dummy friends: Darryl & Spare Tire. I know that may be a little lame but at least your not saving a princess again.

Game Play:7
The gameplay is really tough to get use to. Slick & Spin don't control responsively all the time either. Pressing B will make your dummy attack. I'm still not sure what the attack is though. Could it be that they fart out of their hands? That mystery may never be found out.

And also you've got to be careful not to be hit. For if you do get hit, things get a lot worse. Your dummy will lose his head. Literally. And then the left/right controls will change on you, thus making it even more difficult to control the already unresponsive dummy.

Things are looking good in this department. Nice bright colors. Although, Slick & Spin kinda look like Charlie Brown from the view of the side of their head. But nevertheless it has great graphics for a NES game.

Oh man! You've got to hear the music in this game! It's some of the most whacked out tunes you'll ever hear in a video game. The only game that tops it for weirdness is The Hunt For Red October. This is another one of those games you need to hear for yourself.

Enemy Creativity:6
The enemy in this game are weird. They range from evil cones to train type vehicles to evil dummies.

LJN did a much better job on this version than the crappy SNES one. The storyline is lame but overall this is a really solid title.

Now I know your wondering, how could I give this game 9? I give a 9 because it only took me 1 and a half hours to beat it. Thatís really short for me! I usually take about 2-4 hours to beat a NES game. And then of course theirs those that I can't beat, like the horrible Dragon Warrior series, but anyways I think you'd like this game if you just take the time to get used to the controlling.

Best Cheats: Hint: Jumping
You may find yourself in a place where you think you can make the jump, but your dummy won't jump high enough. What you need to do is first jump, then let yourself bounce and then press jump again. It's kinda hard to explain it with out showing it to you in person. If you have any questions on this technique, please e-mail me!

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 9

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