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Title: Kid Icarus (2nd Review)
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: Andy "Draz"

Synopsis: Da da da da da da da, da daaa da da.... when you hear this classic tune, what do you automatically think? For hundreds of NES players, Kid Icarus comes to mind... causing seizures.
The story of Icarus? Well, it all begins in a time when Greek Gods ruled cloudy regions. Pit (the hero, who for some reason is not named Icarus), a lowly guard in the Goddess Palutena's palace, decides to skip guarding duties to flirt with the wine-urn-carrying-wench-Greek-women-people. Big mistake. The Evil Goddess Medusa™ invades Angel Land (which we, for all purposes, will assume to be California), captures Palutena, turns her troops to stone, and takes over. Pit returns from his seamy activities to find he is no longer paid to guard anything. Therefore, he must seek out three treasures in various palaces to become somewhat of a match to kill Medusa and regain his dental plan. Along the way, he will move through vertical scrolling stages, horizontal scrolling stages, and Zelda Two-ish style dungeons. He will also have to deal with merchants (self-centered, overcharging jerks like Pit), black-marketeers (like merchants, but they sell YOUR stolen stuff), egg-plant curses, and the big head-honcho himself, Zeus, who, for all purposes, could solve this entire problem all by himself but finds it more amusing to throw mirrors at you.
Gameplay: Let's not get ahead of ourselves, though, and instead break down the game piece by piece. First, the gameplay: So long as your NES is still in working condition, gameplay is wonderful. You press shoot, Pit shoots. You press jump, Pit jumps. The only problem is that the wings on the Kid's back don't seem to work (until much later...), leaving you without a ledge to stand on when you misgauge a leap.
Graphics: Don’t expect 3D, but the enemies and backgrounds in Icarus vary from stage to stage. The only thing that doesn’t change is that the bastardly Eggplant Wizard is in all three of the fortresses you have conquer, making life much more difficult. Once cursed, an eggplant-human hybrid cannot use any weapons until they find a nurse. This enemy alone has caused ulcers in young game players. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Music: Da da da da. dadadada. da da da da. Da da da da.... and so on and so forth.
Originality: A game named “Kid Icarus” about a slacker named Pit trying to obtain three magical treasures in order to defeat the eggplant wizard (the REAL boss of the game) and rescue the somewhat less mentioned in Greek mythology Goddess Palutena, Goddess of blah-blah-mumble.... yup. This game was definitely copied from Shakespeare.
Overall Rating: Besides the creation of an evil, sadistic, and vile opponent in the form of the Eggplant Wizard (I never thought I’d live so long to see myself type such an absurd thing), Icarus is a game that people seem to return to again and again until either they or it is beaten, much like cocaine.

Best Cheats: http://www.geocities.com/flyingomelette/kidicaruscodes.html

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 8


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