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Title: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (2nd Review)
Rom Player: Megasis
Reviewer: ABSeNCe

Synopsis: As stupid as this game sounds, it was surprisingly enjoyable. It doesn’t really have a plot, It’s not a challenging game, but there’s just something about it.
You take the role of Michael Jackson(obviously) clad in a slick white suit, with hat and shoes to match. Now, I’ve gotta get this out in the open early on, Michael has so much style in this game. His walk, his kick, his jump, even when he opens up a door his smoothness draws you in like a magicians hand movements during a slight-of-hand trick. That’s probably what made this game seem good.

Let’s go over his moves:

Attack: It’s more of a dance than an attack. Michael kicks out his leg(in a very slick manner) and fairy dust floats off his foot, and will knock back enemies.

Magic: Go Figure. Well it’s his game, let him do what he wants. As long as you hold down the “Magic” button, Michael will spin, and knock back enemies near him. When you release the button, he will throw his hat, which will go out a certain distance, and come back like a boomerang. If his hat hits an enemy, they blow up (WTF!? It’s just a hat). The only enemy I’ve encountered that didn’t blow up is the zombie (Yeah, there are zombies). If you hold the “Magic” button long enough, Michael will break into dance, along with all the enemies on screen (Now I know why I found this game enjoyable). At the end of the dance, Michael strikes a pose, and yells out “OWWW!” and all the enemies die. He must be a damn good dancer. I know that doesn’t happen when I dance.

Objective: This game didn’t have much of a story…at all, so I can’t tell you what it’s about, just what you have to do. When you enter a level, there are enemies of some sort. You fight them off while looking for little children, it’s not what you think; you are rescuing these children (I hope). They are in all sorts of places, behind doors, in dumpsters, on rooftops, even in the trunks of cars. When you find them, they fly off on what looks to be a blue fireball. It doesn’t make much sense, but nothing in this game does. After you find all of the children in the level, Michael’s faithful pet chimp Bubbles (It doesn’t say his name in the game, the sad thing is that I know what Michaels real life pet chimp’s name is) flies in on the same blue fireball that the children fly out on. He points you in the direction to go (surprisingly enough, with the background music). Once you get there, Bubbles hops off and a fat black man with a Mohawk, sunglasses, and a black trenchcoat walks in and says, ”HAHA! You’ll never catch me”, and then is gone. He does this at the end of every single level, with the same exact quote. Most likely the same graphic. Then you have to fight whoever the boss is at the end of that level. Most likely it will be a group of the common enemy of that level.
The objective is the same for every level, just different background, and different enemies.


Level 1 – Club 30
-Men and women in gray suits

Level 2 – The Street
-Thugs in red bandannas
-A man in a full gray uniform that even covers his face (kinda looks like a long lost power ranger)
-Exploding Computer Screens(this game doesn’t need to make sense)

Level 3 – The Woods
-Zombies (straight outta the thriller video)
-Red Crows

The music in this game is good, if you're a Michael Jackson fan. It has what sound like MIDI versions of "Smooth Criminal", "Beat It", "Bad", and others. You'll have these songs stuck in your head for days.

Best Cheats: None

Game Play: 5
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 5

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