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Title: Spectre
Rom Player: Zsnes
Reviewer: Bad Mr. Frosty

Synopsis: I use to really hate this game. I mean the kind of hate where you just wanna assassinate the first person who asks you "How's the game goin?" I iced my buddy Stan because of that question.

But before he died, his last words were, "Don't...'cough' 'cough'...don't write a review for this game yet. Wait...'cough' 'cough'...wait until July 18th of 2002 to do it. I don't know whatís so special about that...'cough' 'caugghh'...date. Just be...'cough' patient. And by the way, your NOT in my will...ack!!!" And then he passed away. It's almost sad. But I never liked him much any ways. Back to the review.

This was actually my biggest problem with this game. Gameplay is the most important part of a video game in my magazine. Not graphics, not music, and NOT by the company that designed it. I know THQ has been responsible for some REALLY crappy games, but they have made some good ones too. Gamplay is everything and this game's setup isn't too shabby.

Your controlling a tank of some sort. It moves very fast for a tank and you can make it move with even more speed if you choose the tank designed for speed. There are a total of 4 tank styles you can choose from: Strong, Speedy, Custom, and Balance. I always choose the Balance version because it's so...balanced!

Your enemies in the game are these odd incline shaped robots with black arrows on the front that shoot green blobs at you. Most of the bots are colored red, but beware of the yellow versions. They are tough 'cause they have rapid firing weapons. You may also encounter blue tanks that attack just like you!

Anyways the only thing that could make the gameplay better would make the L & R buttons side-stepping buttons. But then again, tanks can't side step, can they?

Ever played Star Fox? If you like the graphics in that, you'll like 'em here too.

The tunes are similar to Chrono Trigger. Some are upbeat, while others give a felling of depression. I leave the music off when I'm playing.

It's basically an easier version of Mech Warrior. It uses the same gameplay and everything. SPLEEENN!!

This game ainít as bad as I thought it was a year ago. It's pretty fun! Iíve even made It all the way level 6. And I own it all to Stan! Thank you Stan! Every time I play this game, I'll think of your corpse!

h=12 Narf!

Best Cheats: Pro Action Replay Codes:

00684E09 Strong Spectre starts with 9 Shields
00684F09 Strong Spectre starts with 9 Speed
00685009 Strong Spectre starts with 9 Ammo
00685209 Speedy Spectre starts with 9 Shields
00685309 Speedy Spectre starts with 9 Speed
00685409 Speedy Spectre starts with 9 Ammo
00685609 Basic Spectre starts with 9 Shields
00685709 Basic Spectre starts with 9 Speed
00685809 Basic Spectre starts with 9 Ammo

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 6
Music/Sound: 4
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 8

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