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Title: Haunting: Starring Polterguy, The
Author:Electronic Arts
Rom Player: Genecyst
Reviewer: Zomboid

Synopsis: The object of this game is to scare a family (1 boy, 1 girl, 2 parents) out of the house using the objects in each room. Every room has at least 4 different items you can possess to scare the family. When you scare them out of the room they leave this green goopy crap on the floor that you need to pick up. It's for your ectoplasm bar that slowly runs out. If it does run out, you have to go to this dungeon level with arms and stuff coming out of the walls to collect more of it. If you die in that level, it's game over. The way you scare people is by "jumping" into different objects that all do different things. You can even fly some of them around the room. There's 4 different houses and every house has a lot of rooms so there's a lot of different scares to see. Some are really cool, like the tv that has a guy come out the top of it or the monster that comes out of the john and eats shit. It's the kind of game I loved as a kid mainly because of the horror. There's showers you can possess to make it look like there's a body in it, you can make the carpet drip blood, you can make the pictures move, etc.

Graphics: Standard Sega graphics. The scares all look cool and so do the family's reactions. Some of the scares could look a lot cooler with better graphics though.

Sound: Good music for the game. Eerie old horror type music. The sound effects aren't bad but could be better, even if it is on Sega.

Originality: Very original. I think this is the only game like this. The fact that you can make a chainsaw fly through the air and attack people is enough to make the game stand out.

Best Cheats: Second house
Press A to enter the grandfather clock in the dining room of the first house. Press B, C(2), B. Press A to exit the clock to collect 15,000 points and appear in the second house.

Third house
Enter the toilet in the jacuzzi room of the second house. Press C(3), B to collect 15,000 points and appear in the third house.

Final house
Enter the garbage can in the garage of the third house. Press B, C, B(2). Exit the garage to collect 45,000 points and appear in the final house.

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10

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