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Title: Beavis and Butthead
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: test tube

Synopsis: Ok, the SNES version of this game is very different from the SEGA version, its actually shittier, and a SEGA version of a game on the SNES being better is truly a rare thing but it happens sometimes.

Ok, any game where the object is to get into a GWAR show is fucking right on with me. GWAR fucking rule, and if you hate them you are fucking retarded and should kill yourself cause you are doing EARTH no good by living and not worshipping GWAR.

Here you either control Beavis or Butthead, who, no matter how much I fucking despise MTV I couldn't help but love ‘em. This game you walk around familiar show locations and beat the shit out of anyone that comes your way, mostly with those big boxing gloves on bats they used in the American Gladiators episode.

Enemies are stupid skate board guys, a million TODDS, some biker chicks, security guards (story I'll get to later), and cats and shit. The bosses are there, I don't remember any actually, except at the end you have you walk on GWAR's stage without Balzac kicking you to death. Its actually a very easy game and I beat it with no sweat. Its pretty funny, you have a fart button, and you can eat chips and shit. The music is sometimes SNES versions of GWAR songs and sometimes not. I think I heard Sick of You in the game and I'm positive that’s Jack The World on the last level. So its a ten for the music, even though its shitty SNES music based on my least favorite GWAR songs.

The passwords are a row of HUH HEH HU HOs you switch through, when you die the game over screen is Beavis and Butthead in hell, when you win its a picture of the two smiling over the things they've just destroyed, which you can change the expressions on their eyebrows, eyes, and mouth with the buttons.

But its just not a good game, I played the Genesis version and it was like my dick shortened 3 inches, it was a lot more fun and looked better. So fuck it! This game is just walk forward stage after stage that are all the same and it gets redundant fast.

And about fighting security guards in this game. The GWAR show I was at a couple of months ago the security guards wanted to throw them out, they kept spraying blood on them and beating up audience members and falling all over where they shouldn't one guard kept getting pissed at me for laughing at him. So the game has it wrong, they wouldn't try to kill you, they should have joined you. And another thing, this was confusing times for GWAR, they handed themselves over to MTV for this game then ran far away as they could from MTV after it cause they were money grubbing fuckheads and blah blah blah... so arr do GWAR a favor and don't pay any money for this shitty game.

Best Cheats: None

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 6


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