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Title: Gunsmoke
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: Italian Stereotype

It is my unshakeable opinion that every kid has, at some point or another, thought about being a cowboy. At least, thatís what Iím hoping so I donít look so much like a fag. Well, one of the ways I lived out this dream was through a game called Gunsmoke.

Gunsmoke, released back in 1990, was one of the few western games made for the NES. It takes place in 1849, right after the California gold rush; in a boomtown called Hicksville (today I guess it would be incest engineer city for all you PC people) and a gang of thugs known as the Wingates have seized the town in their iron grip of crime. Enter the hero, a nameless gunslinger who canít seem to stop walking or turn around and speaks solely through his pistols. Welcome to the constantly repeating world of GunsmokeÖ

Gameplay-The controls in this game are VERY simple. Press one button to shoot left, press the other to shoot right, press both to shoot forward. Your control over your gunfighters movements are restricted to only left, right, and backing up to the edge of the screen. Iím not sure how you can walk backwards and still move forward at the same time, but those geniuses at Capcom figured it out somehow. In the game you will constantly be moving forward shooting at the bad guys, repeating the level until you happen to find the wanted poster for the bad guy. This can happen two ways. Either you can buy it for a ridiculous amount of money or you can put enough bullets into nothingness that it will just pop out of your ass. I prefer the latter.

Graphics-Average. Strictly average. I suppose that they are not so bad for a Nintendo game from the turn of the last decade, but they could have been much better. Your weapons arenít really distinguishable, you shoot white blobs instead of bullets, and your enemies are all quite generic. Except for the ninjas. Yes, ninjas. The environments donít have much variety and you can only see the same town so many times before you really stop giving a rats ass. However, that isnít why you play this game, putting bullets into everything is.

Music-Snazzy cowpoke tunes.

Originality-Unfortunately, Gunsmoke catches a lot of shit from people because it is so similar to Commando. This isnít fair at all because, well, to put it delicately, Commando was gay. This game puts an interesting twist on the gameplay by making you a bounty hunter of sorts, and distinguishing itself from its predecessor.

I loved Gunsmoke, everything about it was a lot of fun even if it wasnít the most well done in the industry. If you ever have a chance, pick up Gunsmoke. I donít believe that you will regret it.

Best Cheats: Begin with machine gun- At the title screen press A 4 times, select 4 times, right 2 times, and start.

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 5
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 9

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