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Title: Shaq Fu
Author:Electronic Arts
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: Caignazzio

Synopsis: Flea Markets are great. If you know of one in your area go to it now, because its hilarious what you'll find for next to nothing. For instance, I found Shaq-Fu for $5.00. Think about it; a game staring Shaq, a seven-foot tall basketball player/rapper, who uses kung fu; excuse me, Shaq Fu. Think about that for a while and then you'll see why I couldn’t resist this game.

On to the review. The Plot: Shaq is at a charity All Star basket ball game -similar to the camp that he recently refused to go to- and while site seeing he wanders into a dojo. The old man (do I need to say he's oriental) says Shaq is the one sent for the star and tells him to rescue Nezu, a boy who was kidnapped by some guy for some reason; or maybe without a reason, that's never explained. How will Shaq find Nezu? Why, by entering the portal that the old man has because, um, he’s Chinese and has a Foo Man Chu.
In the "Second World", you fight six battle a la Mortal Kombat, but much crappier. Apparently, Shaq can jump 50 feet in the air and has some how has gotten the power to shoot fire from his limbs. Well, technically he can, but the moves are next to impossible to perform.
But Shaq inspires fear in his enemies not only with his amazing physical prowess, but also with his razor sharp wit as he engages in a verbal ballet with his foes. Phrases with such masterful articulation as "magic can't hurt me, girlfriend", "Yeah right, I'll whisper it in your ear after I slap you silly", and "I'm going to do some serious damage to your body." But undoubtedly the most poignant and powerful threat is given by the mummy Sett Ra, " My wrap is better than your rap." Having heard Shaq rapping I can attest to that statement. After beating Sett you save some kid who was kidnapped for some reason by some guy who wanted to conquer the Earth some how. Damn this is a vague game.

The actual fighting isn't much fun. You do much less damage that your enemies and your special move are impossible to do. All you really need to do to win is kick, jump kicks work especially well. Like a T-Rex, Shaq's legs are mighty, but his arms are small and puny, so don't bother punching. The end isn't even good, so the only real reason to buy the game is for laughs due to the overall cheesiness of it all.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 3
Graphics: 5
Music/Sound: 4
Originality: 1
Overall Rating: 3


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