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Title: Splatterhouse 3 (2nd Review)
Rom Player: Gens
Reviewer: Zomboid

Synopsis: I first rented this back in '96 I think and spent about 2 years trying to find the prequels. I finally found the second one but it wasn't anywhere near as good as this one.

This game is different from the first and second for a few reasons, the first and biggest being the ability to walk up and down and actually be able to GRAB your enemies instead of just walking and punching through zombie after zombie. This is a major difference because the game becomes a real beat ‘em up and not just a gory platform game(which was still fun). The second is the fact that there's actually a story in this one and the little cut scenes keep you informed.

Also, if you're too slow going through a level, bad stuff can happen to your family, like Jennifer turning into a mindless idiot or dying. The final change is the ability to turn into a big shirtless version of your former self. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. You gather these power stone-type things to transform. Usually I save them to fight the bosses because you can easily be overpowered by large groups of minor enemies. Speaking of bosses, the ones in this game are cooler than the ones in the second and first for some reasons, but aren't as good for others. The first two games had grosser bosses and this one concentrates more on making them a challenge (which is a good thing, IMO). Although, they are still fairly gross. One boss' head comes off and a big hand comes out of the neck and attacks you. Another one is a giant giggling worm and if you attack it enough...(well...I won't spoil that for you). This game in the series lacks one thing that the other 2 have that really makes it more fun; weapons! The ones in this are pretty cool (nothing like going at a big group of zombies with a baseball bat) but the other 2 had better ones, like the shotgun in the previous game or the golden cleaver in the first.

Gameplay: 9
A major improvement over the last two games but lacks some features the other two had: The ability to move up and down and grab people makes it a lot better though.

Graphics: 9
There isn't as much gore in this game as there is in the second one, but the detail is better and the surroundings are a little creepier, more like a haunted house.

Sound: 8
The music in this game is good and bad. It's good if you like music that gets you pumped up to kick some zombie ass but sucks if you want creepy music that you'd hear in something like resident evil. The sound effects are really creepy in some parts (use a password and see what happens...) and it adds a lot to the game.

Oh please… It's got a horror theme and it keeps you updated on the story, but it's still a beat ‘em up.

One of my favorite games of all time and it will always be. I really hope they make a new one for Playstation 2 or something.

Best Cheats: Level Password

Bonus level:
Enter the Boss room in the first level with over 3:00 remaining on the clock. Transform into a mutant and quickly defeat the Boss. Repeatedly tap Start as the level ends. The phrase "Stage X the strange level" will appear. This bonus level contains two extra lives.

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 9


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