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Title: Cocoron
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: Bad Mr. Frosty

Synopsis: I think this is the only NES game of its kind.

Cause ya see, every Nintendo game has something common besides the fact that they all are made for the same system. Some games have very similar graphics, similar soundtracks, and even similar storylines. But this one game has one thing that no other NES game has or ever could have: customization power.

I mean, wouldn't you have loved to play as one of the enemy soldiers in Contra? Sure you did. Or what about the Foot Soldiers in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Of course.

This little treasure allows you to create your own character! I myself found it hard to believe. But sure enough once you get past the story (which by the way is in Cocoron the dream world is in danger of collapsing, and you are brought into the dream by Tapir, who allows you to take any form you wish.) you get into the Create A Character Mode.

And you wouldn't believe the options you have! You can choose from a hero, ninja, robot, alien, fighter, monster, ghost, or a ?. Pick one of them and you get more options! Like if you wanna change their face, armor, give them wings, a jet, turn them into a cyborg, a boat, a buggy, or even a tank! The possibilities are endless! The sky’s the limit!

But you can't have a perfect NES game. As great as this game is in the options department, it lacks very much in the graphics and gameplay departments.

Takeru couldn't make this game have great gameplay like Super Mario Brothers or Adventure Island. Nope they had to go and give it my most hated type of gameplay: the Mega Man gameplay. Your character may look cool when you’re done, but man does he control like living crap. He can't jump for beans, and it has that same cursed thing that ALL the Mega Man games have: cheap, unavoidable hits. The enemies can hit you over and over again before you even have the chance to move out of the way. Not to mention no matter how good you make your characters attack, the CPU will always be more powerful, which really stinks. REALLY.

The way the characters are drawn is cool with me, it's the way Takeru decided to color everything. Very boring colors. They could've done a lot better.

Eh, the tunes are okay. But as much as I despise the Mega Man series, it did have some kick butt tracks. The music in this game is similar, but not better.

I applaud this little company know as Takeru for their great imaginations! How'd ever think NES was capable of such fun?

I really don't even play the actual game itself that much, I basically just create new characters and try them out. But if you love Mega Man (for some insane reason), then is will be a dream game for you.

Best Cheats: Couldn't find any.

Game Play: 5
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 9

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