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Title: Paranoia
Author:Naxat Soft.
Rom Player: Hugo
Reviewer: ItalianStereotype

Synopsis: Also known as "Psychosis" to some here in the states, this basic side-scrolling shooter only strengthened the base of games that the Turbo had been building up for some time. What makes this game excellent is the premise that it is built on. This game is a basic R-Type shooter, but the fact that it is set in people's dreams makes this game a cut above the rest. A demon, Ugar I believe, has taken control of your mind and you are forced to enter the subconscious and attempt to force the bad guy out. You pilot some sort of constantly revolving brain ship and the enemies are anything and everything a sick mind can conceive. All the creatures in this game are creative and beautiful as well as extremely tough. Fortunately, this is a thinking shooter so your ship moves rather slowly when you want it to. This game is best played alone and in the dark, not to scare you, but to psyche you out. This game, much like theater, requires a certain suspension of belief to achieve the full effect. For example, have you ever had a dream or nightmare that involved masks? I did all the time. If you simply forget that it is only a game you are playing (somewhat difficult now that games today are practically real) it will be like re-living your strangest dreams or your worst nightmares, (mine involved living masks, hence the example, blecch). The environments and creatures in this game are so odd that sometimes they appear to be the fault of a sloppy programmer or designer, but everything, even the non-aesthetically pleasant, was intentional. The only problem with the creatures or environment is that the creatures are too damn small, not large and daunting, as I have grown to expect in such a game. The music is one of the best parts of this game. The tunes featured are just as memorable as Mario, Zelda, or Castlevania. It definitely adds to the feel of a living dream world. A little gameplay advice, don't die. I realize that this sounds ridiculous, but dying affects more than your lives. Power-ups for your ship are few and far between and they make a clear difference in the difficulty of the game. Power up your ship and DON'T DIE! Paranoia (Psychosis) is my second favorite game for the Turbo system and one that everybody should have a chance to play. This is a game where you play it and either love it or hate it, and everybody who I have ever seen hate this game had very closed minds. Please, experience this game at least once.

Note-To avoid any confusion, I did not give the game play a score of 8 simply because it is too much like other side-scrolling shooters. The experience, however, overcomes this quickly.

Best Cheats: Hard Mode-In title screen, hold I+II+Run+Select+Up. The message ''Welcome to Paranoia World II'' should now appear.

Game Play: 6
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 8

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