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Title: Road Rash 2
Author:Electronic Arts
Rom Player: Gens
Reviewer: Anonymous

Synopsis: I'm not really into racing games but I really like this one for a few reasons the main reason being the ability to attack other racers. I'll get into that later though.

The cool thing about the racing is that you can really interact with the environment. You can be going really fast and then get a nice jump off of a cow (yes, a cow) or a bush or something. You can also wipe out though. Fortunately, that's really fun too. My favorite way of wiping out is running into an oncoming car.

But wiping out isn't always fun. Sometimes you need to knock other people into a car. That's where this game is different from other racing games. You can attack the other racers with a chain, club, fist, or you can kick them into something. They can hit you too though, so you have to be careful, especially when there's obstacles up ahead...and there is a lot of obstacles.

Like most racing games, there's several modes of play. There's solo mode (standard "career mode" type thing where you win races for money to buy new bikes), take turns, split screen, and mano a mano. Mano a mano is the best of the multiplayer modes, in my opinion. Each racer picks any bike and a weapon and then you race.

Game Play: 9
Very fun racing game all on it's own and the ability to attack other racers only makes it better.

Graphics: 7
Pretty standard and can be shitty at parts.

Sound: 9
Very good music in this game. It's got some catchy tunes and they really fit the game.

Originality: 7
The ability to attack the other racers is kinda new, so it gets a point for that. Also, I've never played a game that makes crashing into stuff so fun.

Overall: 9
Great game that everyone should at least try.

Best Cheats: Level Alaska Hawaii Tennessee Arizona Vermont
1 00D8110N 00DH101B 035P1130 02J0117G 02U910F5
2 05BHQ10S 038B1MIV 041QAN33 05RB2N73 06IRQMFC
3 08DA3NOP 0AUB3M1D 06A43C30 08T4RD7M 0De5RC58
4 0G04KC0K 09ETC918 0DQD49FE 0J4T4976 0NGD49FE
5 0QQT590V 0F6L5J13 0M445J3L 0U1K517D 25U55JFD

Bike Password
Shuriken 400 26GH 100A
Panda 500 27GH 120D
Shuriken TT 250 26HH 140F
Panda 900 27HH 160I
Banzai 7.11 26GG P90A
Banzai 600N 27GG PB0D
Banzai 750N 26HG 1D0N
Shuriken 1000N 27HG PF0I
Banzai 7.11N 26GH 1H0R
Diablo 1000N 27GH PJ0M
Panda 600 26HH PL0O
Banzai 600 27HH 1N03
Banzai 750 26GG PO0P
Shuriken 1000 27GG 1Q04
Diablo 1000 26HG 1S06
Wild Thing 2000 27HG 5UF2

*not tested*

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 9

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