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Title: Rock n' Roll Racing (2nd review)
Rom Player: zSNESw
Reviewer: Mrme_700

Synopsis: Damn I love this game. If you read the other review you wouldn't have a clue what's up with this game except it's got A:Rock n' Roll music B:Racing. So let me explain. Your some intergalactic racer that has some really cool weapons etc attached to your car. You do some racing earn money for a win and points. The money and points vary for each position with $10 000 and 400 points for a win, nothing for 4th. In each planet there's three other racers, 2 divisions, and an increasing amount of required points to proceed and more tracks. The drivers also get harder but I think you figured that out. Any way the more money you get the better the shit you can get. You can get upgrades for your car so you have more ammo room for a weapon, better armor or just a better engine. It's great fun and it has great Nintendo renditions of classic rock n' roll songs. And don't worry if someone blows you up while racing you'll soon respawn.

Best Cheats: Just a hint when you start get the car in the middle (can't remember the name) then save up for the one on the left. Then upgrade You engine, armour and tires first.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 10


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