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Title: Sonic & Knuckles
Author:Sonic Team/Sega
Rom Player: Gens
Reviewer: ApocalypseTurtle859

Synopsis: S&K was a bit of a departure from the standard Sonic grind. It was still good, but lacking. In Sonic & Knuckles, the plot is decent for once. Sonic is fighting Robotnik as usual, but Knuckles (I forgot to introduce him! He's a badass red echidna who can glide around and climb walls!) is being duped Robotnik! He's still trying to kill him though, as he uses a robot to do his dirty work! This game somewhat lacks replay, maybe because there's no multiplayer. The 3D stages were upgraded, and damn, it's virtual crack. But those won't keep you coming back (Limited Variety. However...there's a cheat for this.) However, Sonic & Knuckles wasn't your typical Genesis game, for it unleashed the greatest freakin' technology this world has seen. (And ultimately, ignored. Those bastards.) This was known as Lock-On, where upon inserting either Sonic 2 or 3 onto the top of Sonic & Knuckles (A port for Genesis games laid on top of the cartridge.) Upon inserting Sonic on top, you'd get to play Sonic 2 with Knuckles! The color palette is a bit pale in the translation though. AND......UPON INSERTING SONIC 3 ON TOP......YOU'D PLAY......SONIC 3 & KNUCKLES! Damn that add-on kicked ass. I'd remember always playing through the game as Knuckles, and not giving a rat's ass about Sonic or Tails. Overall, Sonic & Knuckles will hold your interest for a short time on its own, but with Sonic 2 and 3, you might as well not leave your house.

Gameplay-10: One word: Knuckles

Graphics-10: The animation has been upgraded from Sonic 2, and the backgrounds look excellent.

Music-10: I always thought of Sonic games as having catchy tunes that made you play through the game over & over to hear them.

Originality-10: 4 Words: Lock-On and Knuckles

Overall Rating-10: If you own Sonic 3: 10. If you own Sonic 2: 8. If you own just this game: 7.

Best Cheats: Lock-On Compatibility List:

Sonic 2
Sonic 3


3D Stage Mode: Incorrectly insert Sonic 2 or 3, or insert a non-compatible game. You should see a screen with the words: No way! scrolling at the top. Press A B C at the same time. Select Red or Blue (Or Sonic or Knuckles). Enjoy!

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10


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