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Title: Global Gladiators
Rom Player: Gens
Reviewer: Randy Johnson

Synopsis: This is a fun game, but was very hard for me to find. From June, 1994-May, 1995 I looked everywhere for it. I ordered it from what turned out to be an unscrupulous company and they ripped me off. I finally found it at Wal-mart on May,10 1995.
The game is about McDonald’s and at the end of every level, Ronald McDonald appears waving a flag.
You play as either Mick or Mack and you kill enemies with a goo gun. This game has four worlds and three levels per world. They are slime, forest, toxi-town, and arctic worlds.
This game has no bosses until the very end. Your goal is to collect at least 30 M arches. If you reach the end of a level with less than 30, you'll have to go back and get more. You get one continue and can earn more continues and lives on the bonus game. To get to the bonus game, you must collect 75 M arches.
On the first world, you have to fight enemies made from slime. On World Two, you fight animals in a forest. In World Three, you fight Trash cans, tires, jackhammers, etc. On World Four, you fight Polar bears, two ice bosses, etc.
Find hearts to replenish energy. Earn points or find pictures of yourself to get extra lives.
My only complaint is that it only has twelve levels. I think a game should have at least 18 levels.
This game is well worth looking at.

Best Cheats: Extra lives=Pause game and press A,A,A,B,B,B,C,C,C,C,B,A
Level select=Pause game and press B,C,B,A,B,B,C,B,A,B

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 9

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