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Title: Comix Zone
Author:Sega Technical Institute
Rom Player: Gens
Reviewer: Zomboid

Synopsis: I first rented this game when it was really new, so in my mind, it's a classic. This was one of the last games Sega released for the Genesis and it really shows.

I guess this would be considered a beat ‘em up, but it's got some really unique features. As the beginning cut scene explains, you've been sucked into your own comic book by some monster guy that you created. Pretty cheesy, but do you play these games for the story? NO!

Like I said, the game is set in a comic book, so you move from panel to panel, kicking the crap out of the enemies that are drawn onto the screen by the hand of that monster guy from the first cut scene. Once you kill all the monsters in the panel (if any) you can usually choose from 2 or more directions for the next panel. You ultimately end up in the same place in the end, but you can get different things along the way, so one way could be a lot better than another. The comic book style is done really well and you'll see cool things along the way. There's even some "speech bubbles" when you encounter certain enemies. The coolest thing in the game is the little rat that you can easily find on each level. He can attack the enemies but can also get knocked off the page, so I wouldn't do that to any enemies aside from the chicks. He can also find hidden items in the page by sniffing around and then tearing it out. The only other thing he's really useful for is getting to switches and stuff, but that situation comes up more than once. The items themselves are pretty cool and almost all have a comic book style to them. The "super hand" briefly transforms you into a super hero and you do an attack that destroys any enemy on the ground. The bundle of dynamite's pretty cool too and it's the best for taking out obstacles.

The controls suck at default, but you can change them and even pick your special move. The fighting is kinda typical but your enemies can be pretty tricky and the different types actually attack differently. The enemies are pretty cool but there aren't enough of them. There are only about 2 per panel usually and you can dispose of them quickly. The fights with them are really cool though, especially when there are 2 at a time and you don't attack, but instead get their attacks to hit each other by jumping onto a pipe or just ducking. There's about 4 levels, and each has it's own big boss (that can be easily defeated with a trick or a simple strategy) so it's kinda short, which is it's biggest flaw. Along the way, you'll encounter a lot of puzzles and it's fun to go through the game a second time to take the alternate routes.

The graphics make this game a lot better than it would normally be. Everything looks like a real comic book drawing and the settings are pretty cool. It even says stuff like "wham" and "pow" when you land some really nice hits. The only thing that could make it better is excessive gore. The "pages" can be torn by some enemy shots and your rat tearing at it so it really feels like you're in a comic. This was one of the genesis' final games, so you should kinda know what to expect graphics wise.

The music is really, really good. It's got the best game music I've ever heard and while some of the songs sound similar, there are a lot of them so you won't hear the same thing over and over (unless you suck and keep dying). The sound effects are pretty cool too, and you (surprisingly) say a lot.

Game Play: 7
Pretty cool action and the comic book style is really creative.

Graphics: 8
Very nice, comic style graphics really improve the feel of the game.

Sound: 10
Best ever, including games for new console systems.

Originality: 8
The comic style is original, but everything else is pretty normal.

Overall: 9
One of the best games I've ever played. It's even better for some people because it's short enough that they don't have to play it for too long.

Best Cheats: Hold the attack button to do a special move that kills anything it hits.

Let the girl die at the end to see an alternate ending.

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 9


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