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Title: Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's castle
Rom Player: Stella
Reviewer: Randy Johnson

Synopsis: This is the easiest game for the Colecovision. It is similar to Super Mario Bros. You must jump over fences, weeds, small hills, etc.
If you put this game on the easiest skill level, you could play it for a week straight. Press up once on your controller to jump, but press up twice to super jump. If you super jump, you can jump over anything and not get killed. Also, there are no enemies on the easiest skill level.
Your goal is to jump over fences, make it through fields and caves. Then you arrive at Gargamel's castle. In the castle, Smurfette is standing on a tall skull. Super jump to rescue her.
This game isn't challenging on the easiest skill level, but it is good for people who don't like stress.
My main complaint is that this game is too short. The Super Mario Bros. games were better.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 1
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 6

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