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Title: Shatterhand
Rom Player: NESticle, Jonny V
Reviewer: Jonny V

Synopsis: Shatterhand is a must have for all fans of the NES, it has the same type of gameplay as games like Castlevania, Blue Shadow (Editor's note: Released in America as "Shadow of the Ninja"), Megaman, and Ninja Gaiden. It was released in 1991 when gamers were starting to enter a new 16 bit gaming world.
The story behind Shatterhand is, in brief, about a police officer who is attacked by 2 cyborgs and loses his hands. It is set in the future, where artificial limbs have reached a point in which they are able to mimic human movement almost perfectly. The police officer, or Steve Hermann (Shatterhand), is given a pair of artificial hands that are very strong, but he is given these hands with one condition, and that is that to destroy a group who are set upon world domination with their cyborgs; The same cyborgs that took his hands. So, bent upon destroying this rebellion, "Shatterhand" sets out to destroy them.
As with most platform games on the NES, there are 2 moves, jump and punch, but there are 2 types of punches: a jab and a powerful hook. After collecting 3 beta boxes, Shatterhand will have a powerful bot that can aid him in his quest for a short while. There are 8 different bots and it depends on the combination of the boxes that determines the bot you get, but 2 perfect combinations awards Shatterhand full body armor.
It has a similar level format to Megaman, in the sense that you complete the first level, then you are able to select from 5 levels you want to go kick ass in.
The games has great graphics with great level background graphics. The game is very playable, but it gets quite difficult at times. The stages have a mixture of enemies, obstacles, and stages in ice and water. Shatterhand also has the abilty to cling onto fences. This helps him to reach higher places.
The music on the game is good with a traditional NES style to it and the SFX sound relatively real i.e. explosions and gun shots.
This is a must have for all NES gamers. It is a real challenge, but without the feature of passwords, it can prove frustrating.

Best Cheats: None Entered

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 9

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