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Title: Rush n' Attack
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: keith Hadayia

Synopsis: In one of Konami's more obscure, underrated titles, Rush n' Attack is never mentioned in the same breath as Contra, Castlevania and other Konami legends, but I've made it my mission to give this game the respect it deserves.
You assume the role of a blue P.O.W (player 2 gets be red) armed behind enemy lines, with only a knife as a means of survival. Your enemies are distinctively Russian-looking (look at the hats) that come in a few different flavors. Some just walk at you and kill you on contact. Some will try to jumpkick you in head, also causing instant death (these guys almost oriental in later levels, proving that Konami did not discriminate against one communist country). Later levels feature pistol-wielding SOB's who have more AI than everyone else and can be quite a pain. Watchtower soldiers who cannot be killed; you have to dance around the bullets while stabbing your way through the less intelligent foes, paratroopers who pack pistols when they hit the ground, and a yellow guy who looks just like you, but gives you weapons when you kill him, round out the bunch of the commie elites you'll stab to death.
The game features 6 fast paced side-scrolling levels where you, as a proud defender of liberty embarking to "destroy the enemy's secret weapon," must jump, stab, and occasionally shoot down the commie scum of the universe.
The graphics are fairly standard for an 1987 NES game, the music is decent, not “mute it” bad, but you won't be taping this soundtrack. The sound effects are few, and rather unspectacular knife swishing through air and the sound of commie scum falling off the face of the earth from a stab wound. For some reason, it's a sound that'll forever remain implanted in my brain. I'm sure you'll understand when you hear it.
The game's true strength lies in its fast paced, twitch game play. I feel that this game really tests you're hand eye coordination and reflexes while you dodge bullets and stab your way to victory. This game is especially fun as a two player game, where you don't get set back when you die.
So all you wannabe tough guys out there, this is one of the hardest actions game ever. Beating this was one my greatest achievements, albeit with a partner who died on the last level. You may not want to play this one again after you beat it, but you'll have fun trying.

Best Cheats: This one pre-dates the Konami code!
However, you can easily kill the jumping soldiers by stabbing really rapidly, this is espcially helpful at the end of the first level.

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 5
Overall Rating: 8

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