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Title: Legend of Zelda, The (2nd Review)
Rom Player: jnes
Reviewer: who knows

Synopsis: This game is one of the best games for NES. The story: Gannon takes the princess, you collect the Triforce and defeat Gannon. Go through dungeons and kill the boss and get a special item. This game was the first game to have battery back-up (save). Collect coins and buy a ring, potion, arrows, and a shield, only to have it eaten by a cake. As you play this game, you will be wondering, "why the hell canít I cut down trees and blow up mountains? I can blow up zombies, but not mountains." Well itís a great game anyway.

Best Cheats: There are no cheats that I'm aware of, just scerets, so I decided to write this:
For people who like the X-box:
It's a computer. My computer is better than an X-box so you may as well get a computer.

For people who like the PS2
If you're a fuckin' PS2 lover and says Gamecube sucks, PS2 would be extremely boring without Nintendo; it created the basic idea for most of the games on your fuckin' PS2. Also, there would not be a PS2 if nintendo hadn't let it help on the SNES CD project.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10


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