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Title: Mike Tyson's Punchout (3rd Review)
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: Randy Johnson

Synopsis: Fifteen years ago in 1988, I wanted a boxing game. I decided to buy Ring King because I thought Mike Tyson's Punchout would suck, but to my surprise, my brother bought MTís Punchout and I liked it even better than Ring King.
In MTís Punchout, you fight people twice your size and you can't move around the ring. You can only move an inch to the left and right to dodge punches. But this game was so entertaining and good that I didn't care.
There are three circuits and eleven fighters in this game. You have to fight four of the fighters twice. The circuits and fighters are as follows:
(Minor circuit) Glass Joe, Rank#2. Von Kaiser, Rank#1. Piston Honda, Champion.
(Major Circuit) Don Flamenco, Rank#3. King Hippo, Rank#2. Great Tiger, Rank#1. Bald Bull, Champion.
(World Circuit) Piston Honda, Rank#5. Soda Popinski, Rank#4. Bald Bull, Rank#3. Don Flamenco, Rank#2. Mr. Sandman, Rank#1. Super Macho Man, Champion.
When defeat Super Macho Man, you must fight one last man: Mike Tyson. If you beat Tyson, you beat the game.
The fighters will do different things before they throw certain punches. Von Kaiser shakes his head. Piston Honda bats his eyelids. Great tiger's jewel in his turban flashes.
The three hardest fighters are Mr. Sandman, Super Macho Man, & Mike Tyson. Mr. Sandman will throw about three very hard blows. Dodge them or you'll hit the canvas. Super Macho Man will swing at you up to ten times straight. Dodge his blows. When your fight begins with Tyson, he will knock you down with only one blow. Dodge his punches.
A few months ago, I beat Tyson. Don't congratulate me. I cheated. I used the Game Genie. I did come close to beating him back in 1988. Had I knocked him down once more and went the distance, I would've won.
A few years later Punch-out was re-released for the NES but this time without Mike Tyson. I'm pretty certain he was left out because he was arrested. A white fighter named Mr. Dream replaced Tyson. Tyson's and Mr. Dream's moves and strategies are the same.
This was a very fun game. I enjoyed Super Punch-out for the SNES as well. I hope they'll make another Punch-out game for the Gamecube.

Best Cheats: This is pretty obvious, but when fighting Bald Bull (both times), when he does the bull charge, instead of dodging him, if you time it right you can jab him in the stomach to knock him down.

To beat King Hippo, when he flashes you must uppercut, which he'll block, but his pants will fall showing a wound, where you must jab him in the stomach.

Be careful of how many hearts you have. You lose one whenever you block a punch, and become tired if you run out.

Game Play: 3
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 5
Overall Rating: 8

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