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Title: Super Mario Bros. 3 (2nd Review)
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: Matt the brat

Synopsis: You know how many people go to all the crap to put out good ads and we, as Nintendo players for years, have known all the great hardships that Nintendo of America go though to just advertise one fucking Nintendo game. Back in the days when Disney and Capcom were in bed with each other, Nintendo were handing out bed sheets, alarm clocks and N toys that you write your score on. (Zelda had one for some strange reason.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is no stranger to.

Back when I was the tinny-winny age of 4, my family got this game. My life was changed and Nintendo and Mario were my life. Now at the sweet age of 15 I have to listen to fucking stupid X-Box and PS2 fanboys.

Life sucks doesn't it?

Well the game goes like this, Toadstool (Peach) has been kidnapped Again! This time Bowser send his 7 little bastard koopa kids to make Mario's life a living hell and to make things worse, they have Doomships that look like fucking war planes that shoot Bullet Bills and spout flames. Well Mario can now kick some major ass with his Mushroom, Fire Flower, Star combo with new items like the Hammer Suit or Raccoon Leaf.

Now there are 8 worlds in this game, like Super Mario Bros. 1 only they now have levels bigger then Super Mario 2 and have 6-14 levels! Grass Land, Desert Land, Water, Giant Land, Sky Land, Ice Land, Pipe Land and Dark Land. Each world has different level designs and can get fucking hard.

Now the graphics are not Gamecube but they are great NES graphics. Mario's sprite is well animated and look chubby (which is a good thing) and can change into different suits (like that frog suit) and make Mario to different things.

First the flying, new to the Mario games (used well in Mario 64) and can make you reach hard places and makes you slow you descent. Frog makes you swim better but sucks on land. Hammer suit is like the Fire Flower only can't aim well.

Now the baddies are just plain great. The Goombas, Koopas, Buzzy Beatles, and Popobos are back, but with some new friends. Chain Chomp is a bitch to avoid. Upside-down popobos are just plain pisser-offers and the Boom-Boom, some hobo looking koopa that moves left or right, you fight him in the fortress.

Levels are big and fun but some can get hard (cough, 7-4, cough). The fortress is like those castles at the end of the worlds in Mario 1, but they have moody music and a black background (sometimes) and have Skell-Koopas, hit them but they come back. They also have Roto-Disks, Thwomps and that Boom-Boom guy I told you about. Music is good all around!

Now when you reach the castle Tad and some animal who is the king needs the magic wand but the Koopa Kid stole it. Go though that Doomship crap to face Bowser's kid. Kill him, get wand, save king, next world.

This is a great game for everyone, if you own a GBA get it when it comes out.

Best Cheats: No cheats. Secrets? Where to begin… In level 3, world 1, stand on the white block near the end and hold down “down” for about eight seconds. You will fall through the block. Walk to the right and get behind the black screen as far as you can to be taken to a secret place where you receive a whistle. Use this whistle to reach the warpzone. Other whistles are in the world 1 mini-castle (at the block with the leaf and the Bones turtle parading around, fly up and to the right, walk to the end and hit “up”) and behind a rock all the way to the right in world 2 (defeat Hammer Bros to get a hammer, pound the rock, and defeat the Fire Bros on the other end).

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 6
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10


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