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Title: Lightning Force
Rom Player: Gens
Reviewer: Randy Johnson

Synopsis: Nearly ten years ago, I bought this game at Kmart. It is also titled Thunder Force 4. You control a ship that has twin blasters. The ship can also fire through the back.
You can get other weapons as well. Some of them are the hunter, the snake, the freeway, and the rail gun.
You must go through about ten levels. You can choose the first four levels in the order you want. You must fight bosses. The final boss is the toughest of all.
You get six continues and if you follow the cheats below, you'll get 99 lives. And believe me, to beat this game you will need the 99 lives.
If you collect Sega Genesis games, you might want to take a look at Lightening Force.
This game was pretty good. But side-scrolling shooters no longer do it for me. I give this game a 6.

Best Cheats: 99 lives=Press A and Start before gameplay to show the configuration screen. Set your number of ships to 0. This will give you 99 lives.

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 6

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