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Title: Batman Ė Return of the Joker
Rom Player: RockNES X
Reviewer: Dr. Boogie

Synopsis: The dark knight returns once again to battle that scary clown man, the Joker. In this one, precious metals are disappearing from Gotham, some of which can be used to make powerful explosives. Batman, being the master detective that he is, instantly knows this is the Jokerís doing. Thus, you guide Batman through seven levels in order to stop the Joker. This Batman game left me a little confused. Instead of punching and kicking your enemies, with the occasional flip of a batarang, now Batman relies exclusively on four crazy gun-like weapons fired from a small wrist launcher: an explosive crossbow, a homing batarang, a strange wave gun, and some sort of star-spraying gun. Even stranger, boss levels begin with Batmanís life filling when he puts his fist in the air and gets hit by lightning. Batman seems to have slipped into an anime-like theme, here. In case that other stuff sounds too normal to you, there is more. Some levels have Batman zooming down a corridor on a jetpack, using an actual rifle to fire projectiles. In later levels, you face enemies wearing some sort of kabuki robes and shooting tornadoes at you. Some of the bosses look like or, in fact are, giant robots. Even stranger, you pick up powerups that, when you collect eight of them, make you invincible and give you the power to unleash one incredibly destructive attack. Letís see how the manual describes it: ďBatman will turn white and laser lights will explode and destroy all enemies on the screen.Ē See what I mean? Maybe itís just me. Anyway, the music in the game is very good. The sound effects also manage to sound good instead of being just cheesy explosions and such. Overall, this is a great action game that I recommend to anyone who wants a good shooter, and anyone who would like to see that, even as Batman gets older, he can still take out punks by shooting stuff out of his wrist at them.

Best Cheats: Some passwords.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 9

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