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Title: Guerilla War
Rom Player: Nesticle
Reviewer: Dr. Boogie

Synopsis: War… Top-down war never changes. Here, we have two guerilla soldiers battling an entire island, which looks a little like Cuba, full of soldiers in order to overthrow an evil dictator who, in his picture in the beginning, looks a lot like a young Fidel Castro. Coincidence? Who cares, the game is good. You start with an infinite machine gun and infinite grenades, but you can get a flamethrower, a bazooka, a spread gun, and some weird rocket that breaks apart into little bullets after going a certain distance. Plus, you occasionally get to jump into a little one-person tank that intensifies whatever weapon you have while letting bust right through just about anything. Along the way, there are countless prisoners that are tied to poles, running away, or just being plain immobile. You get a thousand points for rescuing them, but they are often placed between you and the enemy, thus you wind up shooting through them and losing five hundred points. You also get to shoot pigs and rescue fleeing nurses for bonus points. The sound and music is ok, but you’ll be more than busy blowing stuff up. There seems to be an infinite number of continues too. That or there is just a pantload of continues. This is definitely a worthwhile game to check out, whether you want an action-packed one or somewhere to vent your anger against the country that gave us little Elian.

Best Cheats: 2 Player Continue - When you are playing a 2-player mission, you can die and not re-appear on the screen. When this happens, as long as you both don’t die at the exact same time, you can die and simply press "A" and "B" simultaneously and hold it for about 2 second and never have to lose any precious continues in your mission. You will reappear on the screen, but with the regular gun.

Level Select - To choose any level up to nine, simultaneously press buttons A and Start at the player select screen. This also lets you choose game difficulty: easy, normal, or hard.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 8

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