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Title: Wolfenstien 3D (3rd Review)
Author:ID software
Rom Player: zsnes
Reviewer: Mrme_700

Synopsis: “Wow,” you must say. Wolf 3D? My most favorite-est game! ON SNES?! Well, guess what: I love the original and was overly psyched to see this rom file right here for download. Except one thing: After years of playing Spear of Destiny and Wolf 3D, I was horrified to see released upon the world Super Nintendo Wolf. Remember the German you learnt playing the original Wolf? Well, apparently in Germany, German is their second language, because they speak ENGLISH! Yes, that's right; Hitler (who may I mention, must have killed his artist for forgetting to paint his moustache into all of his portraits) taught his troops how to speak English AND take bullets, and die without blood. Then, the next things they destroy are the crisp graphics from the original. SNES was the most powerful system of the time and could put out high quality graphics with no lag, so they gave you a viewing range of 3 feet. Hey, it makes sense to me! Wait, no it doesn't. Wait. Now it does. They needed the extra space so they could replace those infamous attack dogs with... RATS! But not just any rats. MUTANT rats. Yes, that's right; Hitler spent millions of dollars to create one rat, and then did it 400 times over. But the game does have its advantages over the original. It's got all new levels, it's a great trick coaster (someone puts their drink on, it falls over with no regret), it's a new kind of club (never leave home without the Wolf 3D bludgeon tm), but what would be a re-release without new weapons!? Yes, that's right, new weapons! Because only if you’re not blind by the time you get one will you actually experience the only 3 minutes of fun in the game. Advice: if you want to see it, get it. If you don't, DON'T! If you’re a huge fan, you'll be traumatized and scarred like the rest of us. But hey, I know you'll download it anyway.

Best Cheats: see first review. Here's another one select the rom file, next open it up with notepad, select everything, press the delete key, save and enjoy the new and improved game!

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 2
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 4
Overall Rating: 2

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