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Title: S.C.A.T. Special Cybernetic Attack Team
Rom Player: JNES
Reviewer: Kain

Synopsis: The main premise of the game is that aliens have attacked the Earth and you have to stop them or all of Earth is doomed. In other words, one of the most clichéd storylines in existence. Arnold and Sigourney (Do the names sound familiar? Think Aliens and Predator. ;) ) are the main characters of the game, flying around (without any sort of propulsion, it seems) and shooting stuff.

Game Play: 7

The game itself isn't too hard, as very few normal enemies take more than one hit to take down. Some of the bosses can be a bit tricky as well, but once you learn their patterns, there isn't much to it. The only difficult thing about the game is that health recovery items are rare at best and should you be unfortunate enough to die, you have to restart from the beginning of the level. The game becomes a lot easier (and more fun) with a second player, since is simultaneous gameplay.

The controls aren't terribly hard to master, as all it involves is positioning yourself with the control pad and firing with the B button. This causes your main gun and two orbiting balls (Yes, those ones. You're brilliant). A neat function with the orbiting balls is that you can have them either cover 180 degrees above and below you (one for each side), or you can lock them into a position. While the locking feature doesn't sound too useful, it's actually quite practical against bosses.

Graphics: 6

Could be better, could be worse. You can at least identify who you are and who the enemies are. Other than that, there's really nothing too impressive to mention.

Music: 5

Again, nothing too impressive, but at least you won't be bleeding from the ears from listening to the music.

Originality: 4

Like I mentioned before, the story line is fairly cliché, and the roots of the character names are fairly obvious. The only feature that I would call original would be the ability to control the orbiting balls.

Overall Rating: 6

Despite some of its glaring flaws, it's a pretty fun game when played with another person. The two player mode allows plenty of opportunities for cooperative teamwork, if that's your thing.

Best Cheats: At the title screen, hold A, B, and Up on Controller #2 then hold one of the directional buttons for the Stage, see the diagram below:

Stage 2 = A
Stage 3 = B
Stage 4 = Right

Then press Start to begin.
(source: gamefaqs.com)

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 5
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 4
Overall Rating: 6

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