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Title: Legendary Axe II
Author:Victor Musical Industries
Rom Player: Magic Engine 0.98
Reviewer: Kunoichi

Synopsis: I don't know why this game is even called Legendary Axe II. It has nothing to do with the previous story, character, gameplay or even axes, not to mention legendary ones.

Wait...did I say story? What story? "Our hero, Prince Sirius, must defeat the evil prince Zach and his followers using 4 weapons." Yes, the evil Prince Zach. Why is he evil? For what crime must Zach face our hero Sirius' wrath and deadly judgment under his divine blade(s)?

He stole Prince Sirius' clothes.

Yes, that villain Zach stole our poor Prince's clothes, forcing him to run around the entire game in his underpants. I'm not kidding. Sirius prances through the ENTIRE GAME wearing nothing but a pair of navy blue underoos. He doesn't even have a pair of shoes left fer chrissakes! Such fiendishness has never before been seen in the land of video games! And for this affront, he must feel the wrath of Sirius' arsenal of four deadly weapons.

Well, three weapons really. Sirius enters the game with his default sword, but can exchange it for a strange pendulum thing on a chain, or an axe (though it should be noted that despite the title, the axe doesn't even appear until Level 3). The fourth weapon is a shooter-style 'smart bomb' that you can use by pressing Run to damage all the enemies on the screen at once. There wouldn’t seem to be much to the powerup scheme here, but these weapons can be upgraded through 5 power levels, which makes up for the seeming lack of variety.

Despite its quirks, this game is an above-average platformer, featuring large, spacious levels that branch out in several directions rather than sticking to the traditional 'left-to-right' movement. The enemies show a good variety in their attacks and movements even though many of them are simple palette-swaps of each other, but with the turbo-fire function on, they're not too difficult to defeat. Most of the game's difficulty comes from trying to make it through the giant levels within the time limit, and from the bosses who tend to move much faster than Sirius is able to cope with.

The graphics and sound are both quite good by TG-16 standards, making good use of color while sticking with a dark, ominous theme throughout the game. Sirius's animations are a bit...well, let's say 'questionably swishy', especially when he's carrying the chain-pendulum weapon, but there are certainly no complaints with their smoothness. LA2 features some nice, memorable tunes with a nice, dark, sinister feel, suiting the game's theme and mood perfectly. The sound effects seem a bit lacking, mostly made up of the typical white noise that have been in use since the Atari 2600 days, but you really end up paying more attention to the music than these anyway.

Even though this game doesn't deserve to be called a sequel, since it really has nothing to do with its supposed predecessor, Legendary Axe II is still a worthwhile game and one of the better titles in the TG-16's library.

Best Cheats: Continue:
When the "Game Over" screen appears, hold II + Run and press Left repeatedly after your last man dies. If you're quick enough you can gain up to 99 continues this way.

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 8

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