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Title: Phantasy Star IV (2nd Review)
Rom Player: Gens
Reviewer: Ben Williams

Synopsis: This game is describable in one word: ADDICTIVE. It's an RPG where you collectively lead a group of 5 through a number of worlds, trying to stop a universal evil that surfaces every thousand years or so. Sounds pretty simple, but this game is far from it. In the beginning, you start with 2 characters: "you," if you want to call yourself a little pansy teen boy wearing a scarlet leotard under your armor, and your hot woman mentor, a leader of "the guild" (which is nothing more than an organization you get side quests from). It all begins when you receive a mission to quell a strange monster infestation in a local collage, and after meeting yet ANOTHER candy ass, the grand story begins.
The game is probably not too original, seeing as itís the 4th game in the series, but it is certainly one of the best RPG's Iíve ever played. It combines archaic weapons and styles (swords, magic) with science fiction, running into many "cyber dungeons" space ships, androids (which blast MAJOR ass), and even a few kickass giant vehicles. The graphics arenít award winning, with the world backgrounds and character icons looking a little pixilated, but the battle scenes are incredible. Detailed monsters, attacks, and backgrounds make up for the lack of detail in the main world screen. This brings me to the game play, which is similar to other titles. Iím speaking of randomly running into monsters with no way to avoid or foresee the conflict, unless itís a "boss" or a "bigíun" as I like to call them. Other than that, you are pretty much at your own devices, whether following the storyline or just wandering around the world kicking monster ass. It can take a while to get somewhere, and it is possible to get lost, but what would an RPG be without those little annoyances?
The music ranges from hella good to "oh god Iím gonna rip out the cartridge!" Music in the towns is crappy and redundant, while the main world sounds like the remix of the x-files theme. But the battles once again take the cake. I never knew a combination of beeps could get you so worked up.
Sometimes the "bigíun" battle music can get so creepy Iíve come close to pissing my pants. The story is well written, and when u rotate characters, (which you often do) you may actually feel a sense of regret (If you donít wanna keep the badass blue owl axe guy, your just not cool). You can save ANYWHERE which is, GREAT. Other than all that is pretty much a run of the mill RPG, buying progressive better weapons, armor, and items, to aid you in the destruction of evil. This game deserves a 10, and I hope they port it for the GBA.

Best Cheats: You can match up certain spells and abilities to create "combo" attacks that ofen do high damage to multiple enemies. to find these just look up this game in any search engines with cheats added to it.

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10


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