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Title: Killer Instinct
Author:Nintendo & Rare
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: Shane Skekel

Synopsis: You know what I outright HATE!? Today's 2D Fighting games because they concentrate on anime and faggoty finishing moves (in the case of the Guilty Gear series). However, before all this anime shit took over the 2d Fighter Genre, there was this game that was really innovative, and it was called Killer Instinct. I'll show you why I like this game so goddamn much. First, the game play is similar to MK and Street Fighter (I like the original SF Series the best). However, your weak moves are assigned to the L & R buttons instead of Y & B. If you are looking for gore in this game, then you have no life. However, there is blood in this game and Humiliation moves which are similar to Fatalities, but aren't as violent. Plus you CAN knock your opponents off the edge of the playing field, but I'm not going to tell you how. The characters are a sight to behold: Sabrewolf is the first Lycanthopian character in a fighting game, Riptor the fighting dinosaur (another of the game's totally inhuman characters), and many others that I am NOT gonna mention Therefore, Play this god-like fighter to find out. Then there's the graphics; Much like Donkey Kong Country 1-3, this game used Advanced Computer Modeling and it makes today's 2d fighters look like crap. Just see them for yourself and you will appreciate what Nintendo and Rare went through to make the best damn fighter series I have seen. This game's sound and music sounds realistic, you just have to hear it for yourself. This game also has voice acting, but not much of it. In terms of originality, they took what was there and made it into the masterpiece that many people should try out. Anyone who thinks Nintendo's games are for kids is the BIGGEST Dumbass that picked up a controller because this game proves that Nintendo can make a game worth your money since they emphasize on QUALITY not quantity like Sony Computer Entertainment. By the way, if you liked or outright LOVE this game, then try the N64 version; it too kicks ass.

Overall, Killer Instinct gets a ten because it proves that Nintendo can make a game for older audiences.

Best Cheats: Eyedol access: Set the difficulty to max. and set the continues to four. The code itself is for you to find out.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10


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