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Title: Neutopia
Rom Player: Hugo
Reviewer: ItalianStereotype

Synopsis: Back in the Golden Age of video gaming; when Nintendo crushed all who opposed the sheer power of the NES, when Sega made a valiant stand with the Genesis, and when the Super Nintendo was the Promised One coming to deliver its people, a system that few knew of tried to deliver quality games that would never shine and would quickly be forgotten. The system was the TurboGrafx-16 and one of these games that few would know of was Neutopia.

Neutopia was one of the few solid adventure games on the Turbo. Unfortunately, it suffered criticism due to its overwhelming similarity to the Legend of Zelda. While it is true that Neutopia was basically a carbon copy of the popular Nintendo series, it was also one of the better games available on the Turbo.

Game Play-Almost everything about Neutopia is reminiscent of Zelda, but as far as the game play goes, only the control scheme is similar. Neutopia manages to break away from Zelda by immersing you in not one or two, but four and uniquely different worlds. Each of the worlds (Earth, Caves, Shore, and Sky) has two crypts (dungeons would legally be too similar to Zelda) that you must collect the Medallion pieces from to unlock the next area. The way this paced the game made it a highly enjoyable experience and could often keep a player completely engrossed.

Graphics-About what you would expect from a Zelda installment between Legend of Zelda II and A Link to the Past. In other words, there is nothing here that will make you completely lose control and piss yourself. Don't get me wrong, the environments are expansive and the enemies are numerous and beautiful, but even with this the graphics are merely functional.

Music-A solid medley of tunes that won't interest or irritate. Interestingly enough, this is about the only thing not ripped from Zelda.

Originality-If you haven't figured out how unoriginal this game is by now, then you are probably the type of person that I could sell a bridge to.

Overall-All in all, Neutopia is a decent game that never had much of a chance. The Turbo simply couldn't carry the crowds the way the other consoles did which subsequently caused many great games to be cast away.

Best Cheats: 5 medallions and 78 bombs: TQinHIUCDOQJ l$ZEhVQJNAwI

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 1
Overall Rating: 7

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