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Title: Ranger X
Author:Gau Entertainment
Rom Player: KGEN
Reviewer: Dr. Boogie

Synopsis: Big robots equal big fun! I’m going to summarize the plot because it contains strange abbreviations, funny names, large dates, and numerous referrals to the words “tribes.” Basically, bad guys sneak attack the good guys, so they send their best man to clean house. You trek across six stages, which consist of one level of fighting little crappy enemies while trying to blow up mission objectives, and one boss battle. Fortunately, in addition to having your jetpack and plasma rifle, each stage gives you one of two “couriers” to help you overcome the huge amounts of enemies that come flying at you. The first is called the Ex-Up Indra, it’s basically a jumping, auto targeting motorcycle. The second is called the Ex-Up Eos, which moves slowly, but has a big freakin’ laser. The Indra is fun to use, but the Eos you can’t control at all. To add even more explosions to the game, you get a variety of special weapons as you progress. You start off with a flamethrower and Seeker Mines that explode on the ground and send a wave of blue flames in a straight line for about four seconds. Then, you get the Seeker Charge, which shoots two lasers, one high and one low, that fire around you in a circle until they find a target. Next, you get the Seeker Falcon, which is a little robot bird that flies into things and blows them up quickly. After that, the trend of “seeker” weapons ends with the Plasma Blast, a big wave of fiery plasma, and the ultra powerful (and hidden) Proton Storm, which blasts that crap out of anything in front of you, but takes all your energy to use. On a minor note, I found myself forgetting just how tall everything really is. At one point in the first boss level, there are people running around on the ground, and, judging by a comparison, you are about 24 feet tall. Okay, it really wasn’t that noteworthy. Anyway, the bosses are all even larger robots, except for one mutant boss and the big end boss. The sound effects are decent, but there are a lot of sounds that are just mechanical buzzing sounds to illustrate weapons being fired, taking damage, etc. The music is good, though, conveying that giant robot feeling very nicely. This is truly a great shooter and an action-packed giant robot game.

Best Cheats: Skip current level - Pause the game, then press Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, C, B, A, Right, Left. The music will resume. Press B to skip to the next level.

Find the Proton Storm - Yea, I said it was hidden, but it is too much fun to miss. In the fourth stage, you scale a large building. In order to get the weapon, you’ll have to just start breaking windows and, once you break enough, it will appear. No, I do not know exactly how many, but there’s more than enough of them, so keep breaking them.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 9

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