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Title: Dr. Mario
Rom Player: gb98
Reviewer: Matt

Synopsis: So we all love Mario right? Once upon a time, everything his little gloved hand touched turned to gold. Everyone wanted a piece of the crazy Italian and his turtle-crushing ways. This, as it happens, was not a good thing.

After a series of quality platform adventures incorporating goombas, bullets, and plumber-eating flower,s we were graced with the astounding Doctor Mario! The plot of this loosely strung game involved our intrepid adventurer donning a doctor's smock and throwing pills down patients' throats in an attempt to destroy the evil viral infections within. In theory, this sounds full of excitement, with promises of powerups and deadly shell throwing. In reality, it is a pretty poor 'columns' clone with little addictive-ity once past the initial 'newness' excitement.

The game itself revolves around the player controlling the revolutions of 2-tone pills in a playing area full of other pills and viruses. These pills fall into 3 different color groups: black, gray, and white. When 3 of the same colors connect, it creates a reaction that destroys that section of color. The aforementioned 'evil viral infections' conveniently conform to these three color groups as well, perpetuating the pills' reaction with their death as the result.

Whilst akin to strategy games such as 'Tetris' and 'Columns', 'Doctor Mario' lacks the originality and replayability of its peers. There are some good ideas in there, such as the option to pick the soundtrack used in the game, but on the whole, this is a poor copy of a great idea.

Lesson learned: Don't send a plumber to do a doctor's job!

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 3
Graphics: 4
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 1
Overall Rating: 3

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