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Title: Sonic Drift 2
Rom Player: Meka
Reviewer: Bad Mr. Frosty

Synopsis: Game Gear was one of those systems that had so many stupid games created for it. I almost sold my Game Gear to FuncoLand back in 2001 just because I couldn't find any good games for it.

But then I found Sonic Drift 2.

Sonic happens to be one of my favorite video game stars, and when you put him in a cart racing game, that equals hours of fun.

This game is just a hand held version of Super Mario Kart for SNES, only harder and better.
Other than Sonic, you have the choice of choosing:
Tails, the two tailed fox. Knuckles, the pink thing with the big knuckles. Metal Sonic, who is just a cyborg copy of Sonic. Amy, a pink hedgehog. Eggman, who is really Dr. Robotnik. And Fang, who is really just Nack the Weasel from Sonic Triple Trouble. All the characters seem to handle the same. But the 2 hardest CPU drivers are Amy and Eggman. They both have infinite spike bombs which slow your car down.

The graphics are quite good for a Game Gear game. No glitches.

The music gets a little annoying, especially when you’re struggling to get in first place.

The gameplay is okay. The only beef I have is when it comes time to make a turn while going at full speed. The only warning you have to let you know it's time to turn is a little arrow sign on the side of the road. And when a turn comes, you have to slow down to make it without going off course while the CPU can make it no problem at top speed.

Good luck trying to find this game anywhere. It must be one of those rare titles because I have never even see it on eBay. And to tell you the truth, I have never seen Sonic Drift 1, but if it's out there, it can't be as good as this one.

Best Cheats: Only these hints:

This is simpler than the majority of the games I play(considering that's action, that's really simple). Whenever you're flying down the road and see a turn, you're going to need to brake. How much depends on the severity of the turn. If it's a small one, you just have to tap brake repeatedly while holding accelerate. Other times you'll have to hold accelerate and brake. Sometimes you have to let go of accelerate and tap brake. And if it is REALLY sharp you'll have to let go of accelerate and hold brake.

[Please note that for the boxes you must press Up on the gamepad to achieve the desired effect]

Blue Box: Makes you invincible for a short period of time.

Weird little orange thing: You bounce off these if you hit them.

Rings: No idea.

Red Box: Speed Boost

Springs/Ramps/Rocks/Yellow Boxes: These all launch you up into the air, increasing your speed.

Robotnik’s Balls: These throw your handling off and
invariably cause you to careen off the road (in other words, it turns your game into Top Gear Pocket for a short period of time. In case you don’t know I REALLY hate that game. :P)

Black Box: Spiked Ball of Doom! :P

Rockets/Stars/drills: I haven't the foggiest what these are. The screen flashes white when you get them.

Half-Pipe: If you're going fast enough you'll fly up into the air. I haven't determined if these have an effect on your speed.

Tunnels: Uhm... I sincerely hope you're not driving in reality.

Red Snails: Obstacles that slow you down

Balloons: Screw up your handling and slow you down.

Left: Turn left
Right: Turn right
Button 1: Brake
Button 2: Accelerate
Up: Use item
Down: Not used
Start: Pause/Show time

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 8

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