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Title: Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
Rom Player: Nothing Entered
Reviewer: HG Choi

Synopsis: This is my first review of any sorts, so don't bitch at me :-D Among the reviews on this site, I stumbled upon Hobo's review of this game. It misinforms that this game is "a total copy of Tetris except for a Sonic the Hedgehog/Sega twist." Also, "Author: Sega"...
This game is actually based on Compile's "Puyo Puyo" series, which involves stacking and matching different colored blobs. The blobs come down in pairs, and you match four or more to get rid of them. The more you get rid of at once (and the "combo"s you use), you are rewarded by royally screwing over your opponent. And it's pretty simple, too, except for that it's also simple for your opponent, who can (and will) do anything to screw you over.
Starting with the original on Nintendo's Famicom, the series has gone through numerous changes and what not's. The game exists on almost all recent game consoles, starting with Famicom (a.k.a. NES), SNES, Megadrive (a.k.a. Genesis), Game Gear, Gameboy Advance, N64, Saturn, Dreamcast...and not to mention the different variations, such as an RPG-ish version to a DDR-like game.
Grr...dammit I got sidetracked. This is a review on the GAMEGEAR one. Although the Puyo Puyo series has been widely popular in Japan, people were unfamiliar with it in Stateside. In order to sell it stateside, Sega gave it the Sonic makeover, changing all the cute animal/skeleton/monster characters into Robotnik's henchmen from the Sonic series. Interestingly enough, the same game was released for SNES, this time with KIRBY makeover. Just like what Nintendo did with Mario 2, which was Doki Doki Panic with Mario makeover.
So much for history of the game, now about the game itself: The game plays VERY WELL on Game Gear. Even with the lame quotes from each robot, this game is all about competition. The game itself has really simple concept of matching four same colored blobs, but that's not where it ends. You not only worry about what's on your side of the screen, but also what happens in your opponent’s screen will decide what kind of blob will fall. Depending on your actions, you may screw over your opponent's game, which will result in that fuzzy feeling inside. Plus, if it's a real person, you get to laugh in their face.
Although it sounds a little weird, give it a try. Chances are, you will be hooked after couple games. And there's a reason why Compile makes the game for almost every system available out there (kind of like what Taito has been doing with Bust-a-Move)!!!

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 6
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 10


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