Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum is considering changing to a different time slot on a different night of the week. The show currently airs late night on FRIDAYS at 10pm PST / 1am EST, and we are now considering moving to 8pm PST / 11pm EST on THURSDAYS. The reason we are considering this date and time switch is because we realize that our show is a long one and for some people it starts really late. Of course, a time switch like this may be inconvenient for people in other time zones. Obviously, there's no way to make everybody perfectly happy with any decision like this, but we still want to hear what you the viewers think about such a switch. Please cast your vote below for whatever time slot you would like to see Doc Mock appear on and thanks for continuing to support our show! You fans are absolutely awesome, and it's all because of you that we continue to do this show week after week!

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Would you like to see Doc Mock at 10pm PST on Friday nights or 8pm PST on Thursday nights?
FRIDAYS at 10pm PST / 1am EST
THURSDAYS at 8pm PST / 11pm EST

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If you would like to discuss this potential time slot change in more detail, please post your thoughts in the thread at this URL:

Thanks for taking the time to vote and share your thoughts with us!