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Ex Leper Aug 9th, 2014 07:12 PM

31 Days of Halloween Mixes
For our SECOND ANNUAL YEAR, We bring you a visceral mix of tunes that not only herald & tribute the Halloween tunes of yesteryear for all their gory glory but redefine the statement of Horror in all elements & sub-genres. We do not stop at just giving you Monster Mash, we give you songs that can make your spine tingle if you listen to the lyrics. Just when it gets too creepy we cool you down with a fun-loving song to make you laugh because that’s what Halloween is, fun and fear. This joint effort did just that, give you fun and fear for the entire month of Halloween in a 10-song spoonful for each day, The best medicine you’ll ever taste. Now, it’s time to take your medicine.

September first the first 31 volumes from 2013 will be posted, 320 tracks to tide you over for a month!

October first: 1 new mix everyday till Halloween!


Ex Leper Sep 3rd, 2014 01:48 AM

Apologies for the double post, i just wanted to thank -RoG- for taking the time to listen to last years volumes and for using many of the songs me and my friend used in the Jack-O-Juke. It's a huge honor and this october i will have 310 more possible songs for you to include next year! #halloween3

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