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Supafly345 Mar 22nd, 2006 10:44 PM

So is it worth it on PC? Because I had to wait until saturday to get a 360 so I am waiting to get the game until then. This is a brand new computer with no 3D processor, so it should run ok right?

xbxDaniel Mar 22nd, 2006 10:46 PM

I've heard that Oblivion is really friendly to PC users. I've actually had some disc reading problems with my 360. :(

Supafly345 Mar 23rd, 2006 12:03 AM

Still, no 3D processor.

Zomboid Mar 23rd, 2006 03:36 AM

Just get it for 360 ya cunt.

timrpgland Mar 23rd, 2006 10:51 AM

You'll need a 3D card (shows a list of supported chip sets on the box) to play it on the PC.

Got to level 10 last night and have 5k saved up (legitimate). Been messing with the Arena and Fighter's Guild mostly.

Ninjavenom Mar 23rd, 2006 11:07 AM

Did anyone set conjuration as one of their majors? The summons seen a lot more powerful now. I got Summon Scamp last night, and he's way improved. The first thing he did was flying knee a nord and his dog into the wall behind them :O

timrpgland Mar 23rd, 2006 11:53 AM

One thing I think is a little strange is that my Nord character has a all blue body but a white guy's face!

My character is a Warrior basically with Resotration, Sneak and Marksman as his other majors.

ArrowX Mar 23rd, 2006 01:16 PM

Kicking animals down Hills is infinateley entertaining.

Chojin Mar 23rd, 2006 11:04 PM

This game is pretty neat. Just a stereotypical AD&D nerdfest, but a good one.

I've only been to one city so far, but it seemed really claustrophobic. I really hope the other cities aren't like that. I loved Balmora but srsly that first city felt like i was playing Wolfenstein ;<

Oh and I like how they tease your thieving tendencies by letting you nab all sorts of neat shit and then spank you by not letting you sell it anywhere ;< I have like have a grand of shit that people won't accept from me ;<

Ninjavenom Mar 24th, 2006 02:45 AM

Apparently someone in the thieves' guild will buy stolen shit. Also, the guy who runs the Copious Coinpurse will buy certain stolen items. Outside of stealing the best ways to make money are to make bullshit potions with alchemy and to join a faction. Any food you steal can be used to make restore fatigue potions, which sell for up to 5 gold each on average. Just stack 'em and liquidate :O

Chojin Mar 24th, 2006 06:27 AM

Am I the only person who thinks the new persuasion system is idiotic

Ninjavenom Mar 24th, 2006 09:10 AM

You're probably using it wrong. The old one was worse because it was completely pointless. If someone's disposition dropped to 0, they didn't give a shit, but in this one, just about anyone will straight up attack you if you drop them to 0. Now speechcraft takes a little skill to do.

Supafly345 Mar 24th, 2006 09:21 AM

Can't you make a person feel something other than just good or bad about you too? It seems much like the old one from what I can tell only much wider.

Ninjavenom Mar 24th, 2006 09:48 AM

It depends entirely upon who the person is. For example, some Nords are meh to boasting, some love it, some hate it. You've just gotta try them all.

Also, to anyone who's lacking fundage, try joining the Morag Tong. All you need to do is kill an innocent person, and their guildmaster approaches you when you sleep. Once you join, you can run about ten missions, each with a bonus prize for killing the mark/s a certain way, but you can still collect your money by straight up murdering the hell out of them. All of the bonus prizes are geared towards assassin characters anyway, so some of you may want to skip them. Anyway, once you run the last mission for your first Brotherhood Sanctuary, the next mission gives you both a large, empty place to live (well, you have to make it empty) and a horse named Shadowmere. So if you're not trying to drop a lot of dough on a horse or on a house at first, just run these missions first. Anything requiring stealth can just be chameleon or invisibled through, for our barbarian friends.

edit: cool note: After the second mission, try not to talk to too many people about your mark. Sometimes they do an awesome job of making you feel bad about killing them.

timrpgland Mar 24th, 2006 12:17 PM

Got to level 14 last night and the Grand Master of the Arena. I have 11k saved up currently.

Ninjavenom Mar 24th, 2006 03:56 PM

I couldn't get the screenshot function to work, i wanted to show everyone this awesome tomb with a bunch of baby skeletons and shit and a zombie head i found :O

I finished the Morag Tong quests today, [SPOILERS AHEAD]


And now i am the only Speaker for the BLack Hand. They give you a robe and hood that fortifies Sneak, Light Armor, Illusion, Blade, Marksman, and Security for +20 each when combined, and through the quest tree you get tons of awesome anti-magic weapons and some sweet daggers. Now i just have to go to the Night Mother once a week, get a list of names, and give it to a subordinate to get weekly payment :O

I can even kill the people on the list myself if i want to :O

And now the Sanctuary is being filled with assassins who can i have tag along with me if'n i want:O

Fucking COOL. I hope the thieves' guild turns out loot as good as this one did.

Chojin Mar 24th, 2006 05:37 PM


Originally Posted by Ninjavenom
You're probably using it wrong. The old one was worse because it was completely pointless.

Well, no. In the old one you would choose whether or admire or intimidate and they had seperate checks. In this one it's more of a really, really simple logic game than anything and the results are ridiculous. "I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU. I SEE. GO ON. I HATE YOU. I LOVE YOU. I HATE YOU. ;*. I HATE YOU. WELL DONE!" If I'm trying to persuade someone to like me, why do i have to threaten, admire, boast, and joke in equal portion? It just doesn't make sense at all.

And it removes a lot of the point in having a good speechcraft cause I can instantly make anyone love me after playing a 2-minute game of love-hate.

That bitch aside, I wanted to get up and cheer in the intro when it was panning over the world and playing the Elder Scrolls theme :<

Supafly345 Mar 24th, 2006 07:31 PM

You had to do that in the last game too, you had to taunt, taunt, taunt, and if they didn't attack you before they got to zero you would have to bribe or else they wouldn't listen to you. So usually you would have to admire them when they were around 20 then start tauting around 60.

Chojin Mar 24th, 2006 10:30 PM

does that make the new system any less stupid

Been playing more today and the game is a lot of fun, though it's exactly like Morrowind. Not that that's a bad thing, though. I like the haggling system way better and the inclusion of fences does help to prevent you from wrecking the economy. The missions feel like something's actually going on as opposed to MISSION BEGIN MONSTER LEAP OUT HERE GO GO MISSION SUCCESS which is a big bonus; You actually feel like you're exploring a location instead of running around on a level someone built.

The guards have scared the bejesus out of me about 6 times now. Why the hell doesn't it make a noise when people magically phase through doors?

rummage rummage rummage HALT! AAAAAAAAH

Oh and I liked the music in morrowind better :< I don't remember any of the music in this game other than the hardcore junglism morrowind theme remix, which is still way worse than the morrowind theme.

EisigerBiskuit Mar 25th, 2006 12:33 AM

Does anyone know anything about adding skins for the game? I saw screenshots of some guy adding his face and some other faces on his characters.

the_dudefather Mar 25th, 2006 09:38 AM

so what is this? a racing game or something?

executioneer Mar 25th, 2006 01:46 PM


Originally Posted by Chojin
Just a stereotypical AD&D nerdfest, but a good one.

Guitar Woman Mar 25th, 2006 03:01 PM

Hijacking horses from stables is hilarious as shit. I like how after you steal a horse and ride to the next town as fast as you can the po-pos have somehow passed word on to everywhere in the game that you are an evil bad guy, even though they have absolutely no way of letting the other town know that before you get there.

EisigerBiskuit Mar 25th, 2006 03:21 PM


Guitar Woman Mar 25th, 2006 04:02 PM


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